Sunday, July 31, 2016

FFRF gets a win but I must ask - What were those Georgia judges thinking?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation was able to get the Bryant County, Georgia courthouse to remove this overtly Christian flag. There is nothing ambiguous given that there is a Christian cross on the fabric and another Christian cross on the pole.

This courtroom is a place where people expect Equal Protection. Yet, one religion is promoted and preferenced over others—at the elbow of judges who should know better. Would a Jew or a Muslim or someone who is gay get a fair shake in that court? Possibly but the flag suggests otherwise. We non-Christians find these overt “Christian Nation™” displays highly offensive. In point of fact we are a secular nation and a secular society. Removal should not have required the intervention of FFRF. It never should have been there in the first place.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The lunatic cultists in red sashes weigh in on "transgenderism"

Tradition Family and Property (TFP) Student Action is a cult of young Catholic extremists. Its roots can be traced directly to pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic, extreme right, Peronist, orthodox Catholic, South American groups like Tacuara. To this day in Argentina and Brazil, Tradition Family and Property supports both fascism and violence. They attract kids with a call to chivalry which is what the idiotic sashes and standards are all about.

Mr. Trump meet Mayo

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:
  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents
  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
  • Requiring constant admiration
  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you
  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

Friday, July 29, 2016

NOM - Predictable and so full of crap

Pretentious flag waving amid the capitol dome because NOM has so much influence.
Today's email from National Organization for Marriage—begging for money of course—is titled “Disappointed.” Brian Brown seems to be scolding donors for not forking over enough of their hard earned money to Mr. Misadventure:
The success of NOM's Summer Membership Drive is absolutely critical for us to generate the resources we need to carry on our essential work fighting for marriage and religious liberty.

And I have to tell you, I am disappointed with the response thus far. We should be over 20% toward our goal by now, but we're only at 10%.

Needless to say, ten percent is not going to cut it.

Biblical Bob Eschliman asks if GOP did a bait and switch on FADA

No Biblical Bob, it was not a bait and switch. Your question is easily answered. While the hearings made for good Kabuki, behind the scenes fellow congressmen presumably clued Paul Labrador in that his little bill was unconstitutional; It not only established religion but preferenced one religion over others. There is a reason that the First Amendment Defense Act remains stalled for over a year in the House Ways & Means and the Senate Judiciary committees.

Another Tennessee goober proves that Obergefell is invalid

David Fowler, president of the Family Action Council of Tennessee, has determined that the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges did not settle the issue of same-sex marriage. Fowler further posits that gay couples are legally prohibited from marrying in Tennessee. Fowler is wrong on both counts.

But he seems so nice and friendly as he spouts this nonsense based on bigotry.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Speaking of things that piss off AFA ...

This Hilton advertisement appeared in the June, 2016 issue of Travel and Leisure magazine. Tim Wildmon (Don's idiot son) at American Family Association calls it “disgusting.” What? Are they going to start another idiotic boycott because they do not approve of how Hilton markets its hotels? Hilton apparently told them to go fuck themselves:
So far, Hilton is defending its decision to promote homosexuality in the magazine and will likely take it further with other forms of mainstream media. Hilton said, "Hilton Worldwide is a global company of diverse cultures serving diverse guests ... We are proud to depict and reflect our guest diversity in our advertising ... "

Once again AFA is flogging Target over where trans people can pee

What a waste of time and energy. This afternoon American Family Association sent out an email blast titled: “Avoid this store: Do your back-to-school shopping elsewhere. According to Tim Wildmon (Don's idiot son):
On its web site, Target announced, "[W]e welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. ...Everyone deserves to feel like they belong."

This means a man can simply say he "feels like a woman today" and enter the women's restroom...even if young girls or women are already in there. Target's policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. And with Target publicly boasting that men can enter women's bathrooms, where do you think predators are going to go?

The ever nutty Janet Porter has a new SCAM

Janet Porter
I received an email from Janet Porter/Faith2Action today. For fifty bucks she offers to send a protest fax to every Target store scolding them for trans access policies. For just $25 Porter will send a fax to 500 Target stores. Porter is presumably unaware that sending duplicate unsolicited faxes is probably a violation of the Junk Fax Prevention Act. In her email to supporters, Porter claims to have sent out tens of thousands of faxes.
BEYOND THE BOYCOTT And now there's something tangible you can do beyond the boycott of Target. At F2A org [link removed] you can click a button to send more than 1,750 faxes to Target stores around the country. This is an issue we can win, but we have to continue to fight! 

Hard to tell who's crazier - Roy Moore or Mat Staver

Roy Moore and Mat Staver
Roy Moore's judicial career is probably at an end. He is currently suspended from the bench and his fitness is being judged by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ). Acting as prosecutor is the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC). Moore is being defended by Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay hate group. The sequence of pertinent events:
  • May 6, JIC files the complaint against Roy Moore at COJ. 
  • May 30, Staver request an extension of time to file a response.
  • June 2, COJ allows a two-week extension of time.
  • Jun 21, Staver files a motion to dismiss.
  • July 15, JIC files motion in opposition to motion to dismiss.
  • July 26, Staver files a rather amusing, 54 page reply.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Staver finally figured out that FADA is DOA

Mat Staver
Those fine folks at the anti-gay hate group, Liberty Counsel, finally realized that the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is nothing more than a rotting legislative corpse. This, … thing died on July 15. Mat Staver, the genius that he is, explains their sudden realization:
Shortly before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on FADA on July 12, 2016, the bill's principal sponsor, Rep. Labrador, released a revised version of FADA to include same-sex marriage as a new protected standard. The modified language now states:

North Carolina HB2 goes on trial November 14

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder will hear arguments on Monday, August 1, regarding the ACLU's motion for a preliminary injunction. The ACLU's request is limited to the enforcement of the transgender provisions of House Bill 2. During the full trial in November, the ACLU will challenge the sections of HB 2 that prohibit municipalities from extending nondiscrimination protection to LGBT people.

The lawsuit argues that HB 2 is unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the 14th Amendment. The ACLU also contends that the law violates Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against students and school employees on the basis of sex.

Should Donald Trump have access to security briefings?

An interesting petition makes some sense:
Donald Trump is a f├ąct checked pathological liar currently under investigation for fraud. He has alleged ties to Putin and belongs to a party that has neither vetted him or demanded his tax returns. Coincidentally DNC servers were hacked by alleged Russian operatives, RNC not. All of these factors taken together make Donald Trump a poor risk for the entrustment of any sort of sensitive govt information and a threat to the safety/security of the American People. We therefore request that no briefing of a sensitive nature be given until a thorough vetting process and investigation are concluded.
You can add your name here.

Retired North Carolina judge files complaint that NY Gov. Cuomo violated the Hatch Act

Welcome to North Carolina unless you are LGBT
This speaks volumes about the acumen of the North Carolina judiciary. According to Fox News, retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr filed a complaint with the United States Office of Special Counsel alleging that Gov. Cuomo violated the Hatch Act. When the fuck did Cuomo become a federal employee?

Gov. Cuomo's transgressions involve economic development advertisement that were running last month. According to Fox:

Catholic News Agency fractures the news

Kevin J. Jones
According to Kevin J. Jones at Catholic News Agency: “Leaked e-mails show DNC meetings with anti-religious freedom project.” That sounds rather sinister, possibly evil or even demonic. It turns out that this involves email from Mike Gehrke, vice president of the Benenson Strategy Group to the DNC's deputy communications director and national press secretary. As Jones writes:
Gehrke said his colleague Amy Levin has been working with the Movement Advancement Project “over the past couple years” to develop “messaging and creative executions around religious exemptions laws” such as Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

AFA is all sorts of upset with Nickelodeon

American Family Association's front group, One Million Moms, has sent out an alert to parents that Nickelodeon Kid's Network plans to feature a family with two dads in the animated show “The Loud House.” The end is near. In their July 26 advisory they go on to note: “The gay couple will make their debut on Wednesday, July 20.”

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NOM wants to know if I am "still in"

National Organization for Marriage is now converting donors to virtual “members.” Of course they are not doing anything other than changing the boilerplate of their money-beg, At its core is this:
I need to know, are you still in? Please immediately make your membership donation of at least $35 so that I know you are still standing with us. The fight for marriage and religious liberty sits on a knife-edge, teetering between preservation and devastating loss. We are depending on you and all our supporters for the resources needed to prevail in this historic battle.

How to swindle orthodox Catholics is running a piece titled: “Your cell company funds abortion. If you switch to Charity Mobile, you can save lives instead.” Oh those evil telecommunications companies. According to LifeSite:
But these companies also help fund abortion.

Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are directly linked to Planned Parenthood, and Sprint and AT&T fund pro-abortion organizations.
Oh drat! Charity Wireless informs us that they were founded by Catholic laity in 1996. That's all just lovely except:

How to demonstrate intentional bigotry towards the trans community

Sarah McBride
Christian News Network is running with a piece headlined: “Democratic National Convention to Feature First-Ever ‘Transgender’ Speaker.” I have no idea why the word transgender is in scare quotes. The piece goes on to state:
The Democratic National Convention is set to feature its first-ever “transgender” speaker this Thursday as a man who identifies as a woman is scheduled to take the stage in support of Hillary Clinton.

Tim McBride, who goes by the name Sarah, serves as the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign and is also a volunteer on the steering committee of Trans United for Hillary.

AFA: "A new law in California designed to indoctrinate students with the idea that homosexuality is normal"

Generic High School
I have some news for American Family Association; homosexuality is a perfectly normal variant of human sexuality. Teaching children anything to the contrary is false and has the effect of  making children ignorant and marginalizing gay students. The subtext to AFA's nonsense is that teaching children that gay people have accomplished good things in accordance with a new California law is going to cause children to choose to be gay. The piece in AFA's “news” blog goes on to quote Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute. American Family Association and Pacific Justice Institute are both designated as hate groups by SPLC. They are part of a unique collection of ignoramuses. According to Dacus:

FRC email: "They want to destroy your freedom"

Tony Perkins
I received an email last night from Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council. The title of the email is “David, they want to destroy your freedom.” It is a money-beg and Perkins is shameless. According to him:
Don't Shrink Back Now

The Left is sending a very clear message to Christian colleges and universities: Abandon your biblical views on morality...or you'll be punished.

Chavez v. Macy's controversy

Bill Donohue
According to Blowhard Bill Donohue (now being parroted by Brian Brown):
In May, Javier Chavez, senior store detective at the Macy's store in Flushing, New York, received a phone call stating that a male had entered the ladies room with a female companion. A female customer, and her daughter, were afraid to enter because of the male's presence. A security employee who reports to Chavez advised the man to leave and use the men's room. He left claiming to be a female. He then complained to store officials that he was asked to leave.

ADF offers its own version of prevarication over California legislation

Gregory S. Baylor
Greg Baylor, a lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom must have a different copy of California senate bill 1146. Based upon his version one Christian outlet verbosely headlines the story as: “Legal Expert: California Religious Liberty Threat ‘Most Significant’ Ever: Proposed Legislation Seeks to Cripple Faith-Based Higher Education in California.” Baylor goes on to state:
I’ve been practicing religious freedom law for about 20 years now and I believe this bill is one of the most significant threats that there has ever been to religious freedom.

Monday, July 25, 2016

It's more than bathrooms - Trans boy sues Wisconsin school district

The caption is A.W. (Ashton Whitaker) v. Kenosha Unified School District. The discrimination, ignorance and indignities that this kid has faced are beyond outrageous. No child should ever be treated like this. Quoted portions hereafter are from the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin on July 19 (full text below).
A.W. is a boy. He is also transgender. A.W. was assumed to be a girl when he was born, and was designated “female” on his birth certificate, but has a male gender identity and lives as a boy in all aspects of his life. A.W.’s family, classmates, medical providers, and others recognize A.W. as a boy, respect his male gender identity, and support his right to live and be treated consistent with that gender identity.

FRC seeks to hide discrimination by schools receiving public funds

Family Research Council staffer Daniel Hart (no relation!) writes:
Question: I was told that California’s Senate Bill 1146 will strip the state’s faith-based colleges and universities of their religious liberty to educate students according to their faith convictions. Is this something that FRC is fighting? How can I get involved?
The first thing that this person should do is to actually read the bill. It doesn't do any of those things. Little wonder why Daniel misses that simple step.He can also rely on the fact (well known to him) that FRC has an intellectually incurious constituency. They are not going to seek out the bill text on their own. They provide Daniel with a license to deceive.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The grift and amazing gullibility

Mike and Cindy Jacobs
Cindy Jacobs may claim to be a prophet but she is nothing more than a common thief — taking donations from gullible people. Jacobs is also shameless. Today at Charisma she writes:
Each year, a group of respected prophets from around the nation meets to seek the Lord's will for the upcoming season. There are keys to our success as well as admonitions for us in the word of the Lord for the year that we need to pay heed to—not only on a personal level, but also on a corporate level.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine, crybabies and the utter stupidity of the Log Cabin set

Stop whining! My heart said Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren. My brain tells me that control of the Senate is far more important than who is Vice President. Massachusetts and New Jersey have Republican governors who would appoint  Republican replacements. Special elections ordinarily have terrible turnouts which favor Republicans. We have an opportunity to replace the late Justice Scalia with an actual human being. That might require control of the Senate.

Tim Kaine is a good guy. He was an extremely popular governor who speaks Spanish fluently and has an “F” rating by the NRA. He is also a very smart person (Harvard Law). He evolved on same-sex marriage and signed into law a bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in state employment. Kaine's counterpart, Mike Pence, is a dedicated bigot.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Evangelical Calculus

Antonin Scalia
In April of 2014—when Antonin Scalia was allegedly still among the living—Alliance Defending Freedom had what I thought was its best religious freedom case in Elane Photography v. Willock. A wedding photographer was the closest they would ever come to their artistry hyperbole. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case letting the ruling against Elane by the New Mexico Supreme Court stand.

On Friday with Antonin Scalia definitely not among the living, Alliance Defending Freedom excitedly announced “Jack Phillips' Last Stand in an email blast. They continue:

NOM has a new misadventure in the making

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage has announced a new campaign “To Defeat Missouri Representative Anne Zerr Who Betrayed Missourians, Denying Them The Right To Vote On Critical Religious Liberty Protections.” When did NOM or Brian Brown move to Missouri?

According to Brian S. Brown, NOM's president:
Following through on a promise made to citizens last April when the Missouri House of Representatives refused to pass SJR 39, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced they have launched, through their NOM in Missouri PAC, a campaign to defeat Rep. Anne Zerr in the 23rd Senate District Republican primary. NOM in Missouri is funding mailings and phone calls urging voters to defeat Zerr in the August 2nd primary and elect her principal opponent, Bill Eigel.

Just to clarify: The Washington anti-trans scam

I am unable to come up with a legitimate scenario to explain how Joseph Backholm selected some obscure guy in Fullerton California—with no discernible experience—to accomplish the campaign's primary objective. Nearly $150,000 was paid to an individual, not a company. Indeed, he failed to gather enough signatures and the venture failed.

It has the appearance of a straw contractor designed to line Backholm's pockets. Backholm has not responded to email.

Please direct any comments to the main article on this matter.

NBA moves its All-Star Game and Mark Creech is awfully displeased

Mark Creech
The NBA is moving the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte because of its objections to the anti-gay, anti-trans law known as HB2. Much of the media is incorrect on HB2. Yes, HB2 is anti-transgender but it is more than that. HB2 removed all municipal protections (which covered most of urban North Carolina) that protected citizens from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity.1

Rev. Mark Creech is North Carolina's senior mullah—and a rabidly anti-gay bigot. Creech is also the executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. Creech has previously (and remarkably) said: “Contrary to the gossip and tale-bearing, the new law in North Carolina is not discriminatory.” I hate to say that Creech is full of shit but he has been known to stretch the truth from time to time.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The "Just Want Privacy" autopsy - Was it a SCAM?

Joseph Backholm
A prominent Washington attorney, Jack Connelly, and former Yankee, John Olerud, were major funders. Kaeley Triller Haver is presumably unemployed again. An obscure California signature gatherer pocketed close to $150,000. Family Research Council and National Organization for Marriage both did email blasts. Brown's ActRight collected nearly $4,000 in credit card processing fees.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FRC to the rescue

Family Research Council is taking a great deal of credit for the far-right Republican platform. It is a platform that il Duce himself could be damned proud of and FRC is probably correct in taking no small measure of credit. This says more about the state of sanity in the Republican Party than the effectiveness of Tony Perkins' hate group. The GOPers have gone so far as to include biblical instruction in public schools. Quoting the Washington Post:

NOM finally addresses FADA - With Robert Oscar Lopez

Robert Oscar Lopez
Wednesday (must be FADA day), According to National Organization for Marriage “Children of Same-Sex Couples Need FADA” Explaining this bizarre assumption is Robert Oscar Lopez.

I absolutely refuse to write about Robert Oscar Lopez. Introducing some mental hygiene to a guy who is batshit crazy makes no sense whatsoever. Suffice it to say that the percentage of professors who leave tenured position is minuscule and those who do are usually moving to extremely lucrative corporate positions. Lopez did and he isn't.

No shame: ADF beating a very dead FADA

Bob Trent
Bob Trent, ADF's media director, either didn't get the memo or simply doesn't care. Alliance Defending Freedom is still advocating for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. FADA is finished. After substantial criticism its sponsors fed it the necessary poison pills to issue the toe tag. Republicans are not going to vote for a bill that now validates same-sex marriage. Labrador has not even submitted his latest revision because it would be embarrassing.

In a piece titled “Freedom matters: In defense of the First Amendment:

End Time Headlines: Governments Clamping Down on Gay Opposition in a Major Way

Ricky Scaparo
Yes, there really is an End Time Headlines written by someone named Ricky Scaparo out of Cleveland, TN. Yes, he really did write that very ambiguous headline. All that we need now is some willing victims to participate in the arousal that occurs as a benefit of the persecution fetish. We have victims.
Who didn't see this coming? How long did we actually think we could preach and teach the entire Bible and not face consequences? More and more reports have been circulating regarding governments clamping down on any opposing view of "same sex marriages" or what the Bible views as abominations. … According to a report, Dutch Christian charity recently had its government funding cut after pressure from MPs over its stance in opposition to active homosexual relationships.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Theologian at Witherspoon's blog: 'The Problem with Gender Studies'

Matthew Tuininga
Today it is Matthew Tuininga who is an Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. Witherspoon's president is an Opus Dei numerary and here, once again, we have a a theologians whose purpose seems to be to support the theologians responsible for the views of many churches including the Catholic Church. None of these people, including Mr. Tuininga, seem to have the necessary background and training in social science or medical science to opine on the science of sexuality. Therefore, Witherspoon's blog is a pseudo-intellectual enterprise per se.

Conforming science to religious beliefs:

Mollie Hemingway continues to demonstrate a lack of intellectual honesty

MSNBC's side-by-side comparison of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

Federalist polemicist, Mollie Hemingway, should be irrelevant. Yet she writes opinion that some conservative people want to read regardless of Hemingway's intellectual laziness (one of my own faults from time to time) and intellectual dishonesty. Hemingway's constituency really doesn't care if what she writes is true. They are content to read her argumentation because it attacks popular right wing targets like Hillary Clinton, President Obama and LGBT citizens.

Fueling the hate with dollars

Erik Prince
Erik Prince
In 2014, the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation provided Family Research Council (an anti-gay hate group) with $815,000. The amount is not remarkable. For example, I recently wrote about $13 million going from National Christian Foundation to American Family Association. However, it is the largest grant that the Prince Foundation made in 2014 and represents 17% of the foundation's total giving that year.

Edgar's manufacturing company, Prince Corporation, was sold in 1996 (a year after his death) for $1.35 billion.

Edgar and Elsa's son is Erik Prince of Blackwater infamy. As VP of the foundation he is likely responsible for some of the granting decisions. Erik's sister, Betsy, the former Michigan GOP chair, is married to Dick DeVos. Dick's father, Richard DeVos is the founder of Amway. The DeVos family controls four different foundations. The largest of these provided $70 million in funds or authorizations in 2014. I will be reviewing that in about a week. The delay is due to the fact that the Guidestar image is incomplete and the foundation insists on snail mail only.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nope. Uh uh. Teaching kids that gay couples can marry is not the end of the world

Dwight Stephenson (presumably not the football player) writes at Charisma News: “California Drives America Closer to the Great Apostasy.” It's a rather strange statement because apostasy (renouncing a religious belief) depends upon which religion is being renounced. Perhaps we are required to embrace “Christian Nation©” BS. Stephenson goes on to write:
Starting in second grade, students must be taught about diverse family types in a positive way and must accept that having families with children deprived of a married mother and father is a good thing. In fourth grade they must learn about the redefinition of marriage and therefore must accept that marriage has nothing to do with children and families; it is merely a lifestyle choice for adults. By high school the focus is on the right to create one's own sexual identity and how people have been doing that throughout history.

Will Peter Thiel exploit a unique opportunity?

Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel, 2013
Photo Credit: Newsweek
Peter Thiel will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Mr. Thiel, who is the founder of PayPal and gay, will be speaking in prime time on Thursday evening. Thiel is a willing participant in a deception. He has only been given a slot, it seems, in order to demonstrate that the GOP is not anti-LGBT—in spite of having the most anti-LGBT platform in the party's history.

Birther II - Clinton version

Hillary Clinton
birtherism n. a Republican enterprise to to delegitimize a Democratic President of the United States while diverting attention from more important issues. The word is derived from efforts to convince Americans that President Obama was ineligible for office due to supposedly having been born in Kenya (he was born in the United States). see Orly Taitz.

Hostettler: “Hillary Clinton May be Impeached if Elected.”

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Daddy, What if I identify as Michael Brown?

Michael Brown
The remarkably dim-witted Michael Brown believes that he is highly intelligent and oh-so-clever. I rarely write about Brown—He's on the list that includes great thinkers like Porno Pete and Bam-Bam. You get the idea. But I'll give him a frame today as he writes: “When a Child Asks, 'What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?'” Did I mention that this guy thinks he is clever? We do not need to read the text of his diatribe at Christian Post because Brown lacks expertise in social and medical sciences. Suffice it to say:  

No Mr. Brown. A childhood fantasy has nothing to do with sexual identity. Just how dense are you? With any luck at all, children will not ask “What if I identify as Michael Brown?”

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump: "Religion's voice has been taken away and we're going to change that"

Saturday, while introducing Mike Pence as his running mate, Trump pledged to get rid of the Johnson Amendment. I wrote about this ten days ago based on an email from crazy Janet Porter. The Johnson Amendment prohibits tax-exempt organizations from politicking. This is not something that Trump came up with on his own. Rather, it is most probably the result of that meeting that Trump had with evangelical Christian leaders. The Johnson Amendment is one of ADF's favorite shiny objects. It begs the question: What other promises did Trump make to the Conservative Christians?

Mike Pence made it very clear that he is first and foremost a Christian. In other words he is committed to discriminating against the LGBT community. How will Log Cabin Republicans reconcile this? What about Paul Singer? After all, the suggestion is that Christianity is the national religion. But I digress.

Is Zemanta still in business?

Maybe it is because I am on a Linux platform. Maybe not. Nevertheless Zemanta will not spawn on either Firefox or Chrome. I keep contacting them and they do not reply. If anyone can recommend an alternative or knows of a fix, please let me know. Zemanta is a blogging tool that provides links, labels and related posts.

Introducing the latest in Conservative Christian computing

Evangelical Christian Computing
Powerful processing is achieved by combining the Math Wizard© with the Tactile Database©
This week, 2nd Vote scored Intel Corporation and awarded it a “1” on its five point scale. Intel's sins are (in brief):
  • Supporting the 2015 Paris climate accord.
  • Partnering with a non-profit that supports Common Core.
  • Scoring 100 on HRC's Corporate Equality Index.
  • Supporting non-profit organizations that donate to Planned Parenthood.
  • Supporting the Urban League which is opposed to Stand Your Ground laws.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Supreme Court might hear trans student case

Gavin Grimm
Gavin Grimm
The Supreme Court has been asked to block a trans student's access to the bathroom consistent with his gender identity. This would be the first case since DOJ and the Department of Education issued guidance to public schools that they must accommodate transgender students. The Department of Justice has concluded that failing to do so would constitute a violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 barring sex discrimination.

Labrador Blinks - FRC Drops Support for FADA - NOM?

According to Family Research Council's president, Tony Perkins, text changes to the proposed First Amendment Defense Act have effectively made the proposal meaningless causing FRC to withdraw support.

The text of the bill now reads (in part):
(a) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Federal Government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person, wholly or partially on the basis that such person believes, speaks, or acts in accordance with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction that—

(1) marriage is or should be recognized as the union of—
  • (A) two individuals of the opposite sex; or
  • (B) two individuals of the same sex; or
(2) extramarital relations are improper.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bachmann: Trump was provided by God

Michele Bachmann
Former Representative Michele Bachmann gets more batshitty by the day. I find it almost amusing that she was once a candidate for president that some people took seriously. Behold:
Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says that God may have "lifted up" Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee because he might be the only person who can save America from the "certain catastrophe" that would result from a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Conservative Christian Poll - 60% of Americans have no problem with trans people

Sometimes I actually learn things from following Their headline is just a tad different from mine: “Shocking Poll Shows Most Americans Find Nothing Wrong With Changing Sexes.”
Most Americans see nothing morally wrong with gender change, LifeWay Research finds.

Six in 10 Americans don't think it's wrong for people to identify with a gender different from their birth sex, according to the Nashville-based research organization.

Tony Perkins is full of crap - shocking I know

Tony Perkins
Thursday I have an email from Tony Perkins titled: “David, help FRC spread courage.” You bet Tony. I would love to send money to your hate group, Family Research Council. Apparently our 70% minority is just terribly persecuted. It's really awful what we have been doing to them:
The assault on the safety and privacy of women and children in locker rooms, showers, and restrooms, as I've mentioned.

Sen. Mike Lee is full of crap on FADA

Mike Lee
Thursday, Sen. Mike Lee has chosen Heritage Foundation's blog to ramp up support for his Senate version of the First Amendment Defense Act. According to Lee:
During oral arguments in [Obergefell v. Hodges], U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli confirmed that if the court created a right to same-sex marriage, then the Internal Revenue Service would be empowered to revoke the tax-exempt status of religious institutions that maintain a traditional belief of marriage.