Tuesday, July 26, 2016

AFA: "A new law in California designed to indoctrinate students with the idea that homosexuality is normal"

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I have some news for American Family Association; homosexuality is a perfectly normal variant of human sexuality. Teaching children anything to the contrary is false and has the effect of  making children ignorant and marginalizing gay students. The subtext to AFA's nonsense is that teaching children that gay people have accomplished good things in accordance with a new California law is going to cause children to choose to be gay. The piece in AFA's “news” blog goes on to quote Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute. American Family Association and Pacific Justice Institute are both designated as hate groups by SPLC. They are part of a unique collection of ignoramuses. According to Dacus:
Frankly it is very difficult to see how a parent who is truly concerned about their children's moral upbringing from a Judeo-Christian worldview could have their children enrolled in a public school this coming school year in the state of California – or any school district utilizing this flagrant indoctrination material.
Frankly it is very difficult to see how this guy does not live in false reality. It is 2016. Six members of the House of Representatives and one United State Senator are openly gay. One of the world's largest corporations—Apple—is run by a gay man. Openly gay people are involved in every form of human endeavor. These men and women have all overcome the gratuitous bias of people like Mr. Dacus. Shall we pretend that these people do not exist? According to the article:
PJI attorney Matthew Reynolds says opponents argue the guidelines de-emphasize important historical figures and events to make room for LGBT icons of lesser or disputed note. Earlier this month he told The Associated Press that parents will be alarmed to know that over the past few years, LGBT History Month has promoted the notion that the song “America the Beautiful” is a source of “lesbian pride.”
I did not know that “America the Beautiful” is a source of “lesbian pride.” If it is, so what? I think that educators can, and have, determined the relative importance of historical figures. In fact, in order to train a generation of knowledgeable critical thinkers it is important for the children to assign some historical perspective. PJI's approach is to keep the kids stupid in order to make them receptive to Christianity. I call that child abuse.

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