Thursday, July 14, 2016

Biblical Bob Eschliman has a one-track mind and it's not pro-gay

Bob Eschliman
Bob Eschliman, prolific contributor to Charisma News, has defined his agenda:
Our religious liberty and foundational freedoms are at stake, biblical marriage is under constant attack, the LGBT agenda is advancing at a worrying pace and evangelical pastors are backing away from politics?
  • Religious liberty means the legal right to discriminate against LGBT people.
  • Biblical marriage has never been under attack. It remains exactly as it was before Obergefell v. Hodges.
  • The LGBT agenda© is for equal protection and freedom from discrimination. Biblical Bob is one of the obstacles. I have yet to figure out how hiring a gay employee infringes on the Free Exercise of religion
That was the findings of a new survey conducted by the Barna Group on behalf of the American Culture & Faith Institute. Barna called the results “nothing short of astounding…”
Bob's grammar aside, clergy never should have become political in the first place.  It only demonstrates that their god is not as omniscient as they tell us. They are also embedded into the Republican Party machinery. 35 years ago, Conservative Christians made a deal with the GOP and now they are stuck in their own manure.

Hillary Clinton is clearly the more Christian of our presidential candidates. However, Sec. Clinton is pro-choice and that is a deal breaker. Even were she not pro-choice, the pastors owe allegiance to the GOP and will not waver. By the way, the Clinton Foundation does what we would expect of a Christian or religious charity. It has had a positive impact on millions of people. Read the annual report. Clinton and staff were sloppy, even negligent, in their handling of email. There was no intent—it's not a character flaw. Clinton told a stupid lie (really an exaggeration) about landing under fire. No excuses.

Trump, on the other hand, is a self-absorbed egoist with three wives. In case you were unaware, the planets orbit Trump. We will never know about his charitable contributions because he will never release his tax returns. The Trump Foundation is funded by people who want to do, or retain, business with Trump. It is very small and it apparently purchased a Tim Tebow helmet for Trump. In terms of integrity and character Trump SOP is not to pay bills and then settle for a smaller amount only after the supplier sues. The small business owner has the choice to throw good money after bad or settle with a guy who is a litigation terrorist with the lawyers to create a three year delay in the process. The 3,500 lawsuits do not include the many threats from lawyers that resulted in settlements. In all cases Trump received full value and payed less than the agreed amount. That's a form of stealing. Trump has also created massive debts knowing full well that he would use the bankruptcy laws to avoid paying any of it back. He always walked away from his bankruptcies with millions of dollars while small business people got screwed. All of this is extremely un-Christian. Who has ever come forward to say that Trump did something for them without doing so as a PR stunt?

The pastors are stuck.

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