Monday, July 18, 2016

Birther II - Clinton version

Hillary Clinton
birtherism n. a Republican enterprise to to delegitimize a Democratic President of the United States while diverting attention from more important issues. The word is derived from efforts to convince Americans that President Obama was ineligible for office due to supposedly having been born in Kenya (he was born in the United States). see Orly Taitz.

Hostettler: “Hillary Clinton May be Impeached if Elected.”

Yup. That's the headline of a story in Monday's Washington Times. The author, John N. Hostettler, was formerly a Republican Congressman from Indiana's 8th District. A conservative Christian, he is perhaps best known for his treatment of a group of breast cancer survivors seeking his support for funding more research. Hostettler insinuated that some of them brought breast cancer upon themselves by having abortions (there is no link between abortion and breast cancer). In 2004 Hostettler pleaded guilty to unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in his briefcase when he tried to board an airplane. He was voted out of office in 2007.

Hostettler posits that a House Select Committee would be more favorably disposed to prosecute Clinton than FBI Director James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch:
…members of the House of Representatives in 2017 will be less concerned about the opinion of a likely former FBI director on criminal matters and more concerned about what Alexander Hamilton observed concerning the “political” — rather than legal — nature of impeachment when he remarked in Federalist Paper No. 65 that it “relate[s] chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”
I have every reason to believe that President Clinton will be sworn in next January rather than Trump (predicated on all of us doing our job to register and vote).  I have every reason to believe that Clinton will face harassment from the moment her tush hits the chair in the Oval Office. Presumably she will handle this nonsense more assertively than President Obama.

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