Sunday, July 17, 2016

Daddy, What if I identify as Michael Brown?

Michael Brown
The remarkably dim-witted Michael Brown believes that he is highly intelligent and oh-so-clever. I rarely write about Brown—He's on the list that includes great thinkers like Porno Pete and Bam-Bam. You get the idea. But I'll give him a frame today as he writes: “When a Child Asks, 'What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?'” Did I mention that this guy thinks he is clever? We do not need to read the text of his diatribe at Christian Post because Brown lacks expertise in social and medical sciences. Suffice it to say:  

No Mr. Brown. A childhood fantasy has nothing to do with sexual identity. Just how dense are you? With any luck at all, children will not ask “What if I identify as Michael Brown?”

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