Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FRC email: "They want to destroy your freedom"

Tony Perkins
I received an email last night from Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council. The title of the email is “David, they want to destroy your freedom.” It is a money-beg and Perkins is shameless. According to him:
Don't Shrink Back Now

The Left is sending a very clear message to Christian colleges and universities: Abandon your biblical views on morality...or you'll be punished.

Can you imagine a liberal arts college dedicated to "Christ and His Kingdom" forced to-
  • Admit students who openly violate and reject scriptural standards of sexual morality?
  • Provide "married" housing for same-sex couples?
  • Open the women's locker rooms, bathrooms, and other facilities to men who claim they "feel" like a woman?
  • Require gender-free dormitory policies?
Yet that is what the Left is pushing Christian colleges and universities toward. They will either violate their beliefs-or lose so much funding they will be crippled and forced to close.

I'm writing to ask for your immediate help as Family Research Council (FRC) mounts a campaign on Capitol Hill to alert Members of Congress to this impending disaster. We must give conservative members the facts needed to block this egregious action.
Given that, as of May 31, the administration has granted 44 exemptions to colleges and universities (nearly 20% of the total), it seems unlikely that any of this persecution is a reality.

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