Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fueling the hate with dollars

Erik Prince
Erik Prince
In 2014, the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation provided Family Research Council (an anti-gay hate group) with $815,000. The amount is not remarkable. For example, I recently wrote about $13 million going from National Christian Foundation to American Family Association. However, it is the largest grant that the Prince Foundation made in 2014 and represents 17% of the foundation's total giving that year.

Edgar's manufacturing company, Prince Corporation, was sold in 1996 (a year after his death) for $1.35 billion.

Edgar and Elsa's son is Erik Prince of Blackwater infamy. As VP of the foundation he is likely responsible for some of the granting decisions. Erik's sister, Betsy, the former Michigan GOP chair, is married to Dick DeVos. Dick's father, Richard DeVos is the founder of Amway. The DeVos family controls four different foundations. The largest of these provided $70 million in funds or authorizations in 2014. I will be reviewing that in about a week. The delay is due to the fact that the Guidestar image is incomplete and the foundation insists on snail mail only.

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