Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to swindle orthodox Catholics

LifeSiteNews.com is running a piece titled: “Your cell company funds abortion. If you switch to Charity Mobile, you can save lives instead.” Oh those evil telecommunications companies. According to LifeSite:
But these companies also help fund abortion.

Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are directly linked to Planned Parenthood, and Sprint and AT&T fund pro-abortion organizations.
Oh drat! Charity Wireless informs us that they were founded by Catholic laity in 1996. That's all just lovely except:
  • Charity Mobile runs on the Verizon network. How evil is that given that they “are directly linked to Planned Parenthood,” whatever that means?
  • Unless you are currently a Verizon customer you are probably going to need a new phone. Verizon has a unique compatibility.
  • While their plans look reasonable at first sight, you have to add another $15 a month for smart phone access which makes them expensive.
So, in other words you are still funding abortion (according to LifeSiteNews), you probably have to buy a new phone and your calling plan is probably less economical than the one you have now.

Charity Wireless is one of many MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). I tried two of these on the T-Mobile network and had some connectivity issues. They went away when I simply subscribed to T-Mobile directly. Their own traffic is presumably preferenced over their MVNO traffic.

Pride Wireless, by the way, is up and running. It is very well priced. I have no idea how good the service is.  I emailed them about an hour ago asking what network they use. I have not received a reply which is not a good sign.

I see that I received a new money-beg from Brian Brown while I was writing this. Later.

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