Monday, July 25, 2016

It's more than bathrooms - Trans boy sues Wisconsin school district

The caption is A.W. (Ashton Whitaker) v. Kenosha Unified School District. The discrimination, ignorance and indignities that this kid has faced are beyond outrageous. No child should ever be treated like this. Quoted portions hereafter are from the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin on July 19 (full text below).
A.W. is a boy. He is also transgender. A.W. was assumed to be a girl when he was born, and was designated “female” on his birth certificate, but has a male gender identity and lives as a boy in all aspects of his life. A.W.’s family, classmates, medical providers, and others recognize A.W. as a boy, respect his male gender identity, and support his right to live and be treated consistent with that gender identity.
Simple enough. Not mentioned is the fact that Ashton never volunteered to be the object of derision. He did not choose to be transgender. School district personnel made a deliberate effort to make Ashton isolated and miserable:
[School personnel including the superintendent] have repeatedly refused to recognize or respect A.W.’s gender identity and have taken a series of discriminatory and highly stigmatizing actions against him based on his sex, gender identity, and transgender status.
They know more than Ashton's medical care givers. idiots. It gets much worse:
The actions, as described more fully herein, have included (a) denying him access to boys’ restrooms at school and requiring him to use girls’ restrooms or a single- occupancy restroom; (b) directing school staff to monitor his restroom usage and to report to administrators if he was observed using a boys’ restroom; (c) intentionally and repeatedly using his birth name and female pronouns, and failing to appropriately inform substitute teachers and other staff members of his preferred name and pronouns, resulting in those staff referring to him by his birth name or with female pronouns in front of other students; (d) instructing guidance counselors to issue bright green wristbands to A.W. and any other transgender students at the school, to more easily monitor and enforce these students’ restroom usage; …
I can smell the conservative Christians from here. More concerned with ancient chronicles than the wellbeing of this kid. Bright green wristbands? These people are sadists as well.

What makes this all the more frustrating is that the kids are smarter than the grownups. Based on his active involvement in community service Ashton was nominated, by his classmates, for junior prom king. The school said that he was unqualified. They only relented because of the uproar created by the students.
Plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, and damages resulting from Defendants’ discriminatory actions.
I can only hope that the judge teaches these people a very costly lesson. The amount of compensatory damages that they seek is unspecified.

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