Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LifeSiteNews returns to the 11th century to assert that homosexual relationships have no worth

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman at the conservative Catholic LifeSiteNews.com would like you to know that homosexual unions have no worth the Church owes no one an apology. First Hoffman cites the opposing view.
According to Cardinal Reinhard Marx, homosexual relationships have “worth,” a worth that must be recognized by the Catholic Church.
Consequently, according to Marx, the Church owes homosexuals an apology for its historical treatment of homosexuals. “As Church and society, we have to say ‘Sorry, Sorry,’” Marx said.
For wisdom, Hoffman goes back to the 11th century. The implication is that people knew more then than they know now. Why he would embrace that spectacularly stupid idea is anyone's guess:
St. Peter Damian, a cardinal who wrote the most extensive treatment of the issue of homosexual unions in the Church’s history, also had a very different understanding of the value of homosexual relations from that of Cardinal Marx.

According to Damian’s work on the subject, the Book of Gomorrah, written in the 11th century in response to a plague of homosexual vice among priests and clergy, homosexual unions are in no way beneficial to their participants; to the contrary, they are utterly destructive to them, spiritually, psychologically and even physically, throwing them into an emotional and spiritual confusion that makes them subject to demonic manipulation. 
This goes on and on using words like “polluting,” “destructive,” “diabolical,” “savagery,” “butchery” and so on. You get the idea. Repeating this nonsense makes LifeSite a hate site.

An 11th century RC cardinal had as much knowledge about social science as an 11th century physician had about medicine.

So let us go back to the 11th century. Any advances that were being made in medicine or, in fact, science in general were confined almost entirely to the Islamic world. The tithe to the Church was public policy and it left people destitute and starving. Life expectancy for the average person was about 36 and 20% of women died during childbirth. Infant mortality was about 5% and another 15% died during their first month of life. Dentistry did not exist and medical care usually did more harm than good. Painkillers were non-existent. People lived in a general state of filth and disease. Bathwater was communal and disgusting.

Damian was a pampered prelate removed from the hardships of the people. He lived to what was then a ripe old age of 65. The notion that Damian knew anything about social science in general and sexual orientation in particular is absurd. Most normal people find it intellectually offensive. Damian would have been a geocentrist with absolutely no knowledge of the world around him. By any reasonable measure in contrast to the average eight-year-old today, Damian was a profoundly ignorant man.

Hoffman has been LSN's Latin American correspondent since 2007. He is currently a graduate student at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He needs to get out more often.

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