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Mat Staver is not pleased with Freedom for All Americans

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) has lashed out with an email titled “Paul Singer Behind ‘Enemies’ List Propaganda.” Singer, you may recall, is a prominent Republican donor who has also provided a considerable amount of money to organizations fighting for marriage equality—he has a gay son. Singer supported Marco Rubio in the GOP primaries which I found inexplicable. Getting back to Staver:
In another example of shoddy journalism, Washington Post Editorial Board member Jonathan Capehart published an article purporting to show a vast interconnecting network he refers to as "enemies of equality." Capehart's entire article is based upon a chart created by Freedom For All Americans. Liberty Counsel made several attempts to have Capehart retract this incorrect chart, to which he never responded.
Rather than Jonathan Capehart, let us go to the source which is Freedom for all Americans and their interactive Eye on the Opposition. FFAA is a solid organization staffed with names you might know. I have had some interactions with FFAA and I can say that are highly professional people. Mr. Staver continues:
Among those listed include Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, Rich DeVoss (co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic), James Dobson, Hobby Lobby, and more. "The chart is false. It purports to show an interconnecting network where there is none," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. "The chart alleges that Liberty Counsel receives funds from ADF and then represents Kim Davis. While we represent Kim Davis, Liberty Counsel is not connected to ADF and receives no funds from ADF. The chart then makes false allegations about Liberty Counsel and the other groups," said Staver.
The chart does, indeed, show money flowing from ADF to Liberty Counsel. When I get an explanation I will update this post. However, the lack of specificity about false allegations is telling. This is the information that they provide about Liberty Counsel:
Liberty Counsel is an SPLC-designated anti-LGBT hate group with an annual revenue of $5,572,566 (2014). Founded by Mat and Anita Staver, the Counsel shares a close affiliation with Liberty University (especially the law school). It offers legal services to states, cities, and individuals that support religiously motivated discrimination (like North Carolina, Sioux Falls, and Kim Davis).

Liberty Counsel supports the criminalization of homosexuality, both in the U.S. and abroad. They argued in favor of keeping Texas’ anti-sodomy laws on the books, and said that Malawi’s laws banning homosexuality were “in its own best interests.”

Staver provides anti-LGBT testimony before numerous courts and legislative bodies, including telling a Congressional subcommittee that a business owner's right to religious freedom should permit him to refuse to serve Jewish customers.
I find nothing incorrect with any of that. The extent to which Singer is funding FFAA is unknowable. The Paul E. Singer foundation's tax return shows no donation to Freedom for All Americans in 2014. FFAA's ruling year is 2015 which means that Singer would probably have funded them starting in 2015. That information won't be available until next October. According to FFAA:
The $25 million bipartisan effort is funded by Republicans and Democrats alike, with support from individuals like Paul Singer, Tim Gill, and Daniel Loeb and organizations like American Unity Fund and the Gill Foundation.
Staver's rant continues:
Billionaire New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer is behind the false propaganda. He and Tim Gill, the founder of Quark, are leading financial supporters of same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda. Singer is also behind the American Unity PAC, which works to elect pro-LGBT advocates to public office. Singer financed the litigation against California Prop 8 and is responsible for New York Republican legislators changing their votes to support same-sex marriage.
Good for Mr. Gill and Mr. Singer. Staver hasn't identified what falsity he finds so upsetting. Why is Staver so intent on focusing in on Singer?
Since the 2015 Supreme Court opinion on marriage, Singer has turned his efforts to advancing LGBT rights on the Republican Platform and in all 50 states.

Singer is working hard to influence young leaders. He launched LGBT University and is working to reach young Republican leaders. Even though Freedom For All Americans includes Hobby Lobby in its list of "enemies of equality," Singer has entered into funding partnership with the Museum of the Bible (MOTB), which is funded by Hobby Lobby. Singer and MOTB are joint partners in "Passages Israel" that began this year taking Christian college students to Israel. 
What this demonstrates is that the organization is independent of its financial sources (as it should be). To tell you the truth, most of this sounds like praise. Singer even works with conservative Christians. What's to complain about? I would like to see where conservative Christian foundations are donating to LGBT youth projects. Don't hold your breath.

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