Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mollie Hemingway continues to demonstrate a lack of intellectual honesty

MSNBC's side-by-side comparison of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

Federalist polemicist, Mollie Hemingway, should be irrelevant. Yet she writes opinion that some conservative people want to read regardless of Hemingway's intellectual laziness (one of my own faults from time to time) and intellectual dishonesty. Hemingway's constituency really doesn't care if what she writes is true. They are content to read her argumentation because it attacks popular right wing targets like Hillary Clinton, President Obama and LGBT citizens.

I write something incorrect and I get ten emails (for which I am extremely grateful).

Tuesday's post suffers from a lack of perspective rather than factual errors. She wrote: “Melania Trump’s GOP Convention Speech Similar To Michelle Obama’s From 2008.” “Similar?” She goes on to write (and I am quoting out of context):
Even with many compelling speeches, easily the best speech was from Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s third wife. Melania hasn’t played a significant public role in his campaign, though she is frequently seen by his side.

In Monday’s speech, she explained how and why she became a citizen of the United States, and spoke of her love for her husband as a kind, generous, and loyal man. She recast his incendiary rhetoric as simply the passionate feelings of a man who cares about his country, its security, and its strength.
Given the controversy, this is work that was best unpublished. Mrs. Trump made matters worse by lying to Matt Lauer, telling him that she wrote the speech herself (which is doubtful). No only did Melania plagiarize but she used material that calls into question values that Trump is not ordinarily identified with — like treating people with dignity and respect.

Later on, still gushing:
He wants prosperity for all Americans, she said, saying new programs for the poor and young are needed, a plan for growth that only her husband could provide. She said his life was about inclusion, prosperity, and cooperation. He would represent all of the people, she said, specifically citing Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, the poor, and the middle class.
The details of those new programs is lacking in the Trump campaign as are the specifics of that plan for growth. Melania seems to highlight Trump's lack of effective representation of Muslims, Hispanics and African Americans as well as his lack of empathy for poor people.

Hemingway does take notice of the plagiarism with:
But Jarrett Hill noticed something interesting. The speech included a portion very similar to an earlier speech from First Lady Michelle Obama. Here’s what Michelle Obama said in 2008:
Hemingway even includes a side-by-side comparison which does make it look like “similarities.” The Trump campaign, with an assist from Hemingway is only prolonging the controversy.

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