Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NOM wants to know if I am "still in"

National Organization for Marriage is now converting donors to virtual “members.” Of course they are not doing anything other than changing the boilerplate of their money-beg, At its core is this:
I need to know, are you still in? Please immediately make your membership donation of at least $35 so that I know you are still standing with us. The fight for marriage and religious liberty sits on a knife-edge, teetering between preservation and devastating loss. We are depending on you and all our supporters for the resources needed to prevail in this historic battle.
It would not be a bad strategy if they could list some accomplishments. They cannot. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. The same is true about behaviors. Marriage is a settled issue and ADF is sucking up most of the religious liberty air with some help from Tony Perkins and friends. Nevertheless, I am sure that NOM still has money coming in. I continue to search to find out who kept them alive in 2014. Eventually I'll find it.
NOM is working night and day to protect the rights of Americans to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives and at work. We're taking on the Obama administration's relentless attempt to advance an extremist gender ideology. We're working alongside allies in the states to pass, and then defend in court, legislation protecting marriage supporters and preserving the security of women and girls. And we are taking on the rich and the powerful, including billionaire sports team owners, who want to punish states that have the decency and common sense to prohibit men from invading intimate restroom and shower facilities reserved for women.
Night and day? But what are they actually doing? They did some lobbying for the First Amendment Defense Act recently. They pushed it into the wrong committee to get a hearing. FADA is now in rigor mortis. Everything that Brian Brown touches turns to shit. It is simply amazing. I'd love to know what stocks the dumb prick owns so that I could short them all. It is dependable Reverse Midas at its finest.

The fact that FADA is history does not deter Brown:
We've also been keeping up pressure in Congress via a petition to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to move the very important First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) toward a full vote in the House.
Virtually no GOPer is going to vote for a bill that now recognizes same-sex marriage. They still have that idiotic campaign in Missouri to unseat a state senator. That comes to an end on August 2. Then how are they going to waste their time and other people's money?

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