Sunday, July 24, 2016

The grift and amazing gullibility

Mike and Cindy Jacobs
Cindy Jacobs may claim to be a prophet but she is nothing more than a common thief — taking donations from gullible people. Jacobs is also shameless. Today at Charisma she writes:
Each year, a group of respected prophets from around the nation meets to seek the Lord's will for the upcoming season. There are keys to our success as well as admonitions for us in the word of the Lord for the year that we need to pay heed to—not only on a personal level, but also on a corporate level.
“Respected prophets” is an oxymoron. Anyone claiming to be a prophet is not deserving of respect. “Corporate level?” It looks like Jacobs has some bigger targets or, more likely, she is just trying to impress the poor and desperate people who buy into this BS.
Along with timing, it is key to understand the role we play as workers in God's kingdom to see prophecy come to pass. Without understanding that prophecy requires action on our part, we might become upset when a prophetic word seems unfulfilled.
In other words, most of my bullshit doesn't come to pass and it is your fault.
Prophecy is a road map that gives us strategic information, but it is not the same as the concept of fate. For those who believe in fate, they feel the future cannot be changed or altered; life is what it is, and nothing can be done about it.
But she can tell stupid people what to expect. Sure.
As believers, we know God has given us free will. We are responsible for making choices, and Scripture gives us the guidelines we need to follow in order to be blessed. While God does foreknow the end from the beginning, we still have to choose. Without the ability to partner with God to shift things, what would be the purpose of prayer?
And exactly what is the purpose of a prophetess?
Often, we are given a prophetic word so we can contend to see the prophecy fulfilled. It is important to remember the enemy does not want you to reap the benefits of the promises of God, so spiritual warfare may be needed.
The enemy? This woman needs an ice enema. Again, when the bullshit doesn't quite work out, well, you didn't pray hard enough and the Devil won. Sure.

This garbage goes on and on but you get the idea. That this woman is treated with respect in conservative Christian circles is nothing short of astonishing. It looks like (I cannot be certain) she lost tax-exempt status for her organization, Generals International. The last available tax filing is for 2007. She has a 2014 ruling which seemingly means a reinstatement. I guess that God and the IRS were not on the same page for a few years.

That image up top says it all:
Your financial partnership makes it possible for us to continue changing lives and transforming nations.
Oh, they are transforming nations. The only change that these folks make to lives is to make them poorer.

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