Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Third-rate AFA lawyer calls James Comey corrupt

Abe Hamilton
American Family Association claims that Abe Hamilton works for them as an attorney. On AFA's “news” blog appears the story “Comey used as cover to dress up corruption.” According to the piece “A former criminal prosecutor says the director of the FBI was used as a political prop Tuesday in a criminal investigation that reeks of corruption.” Within the piece, Hamilton is quoted saying:
To me it whacks of corruption,"
So for him to come out and say there's no charges is really - it really is an attempt to say, Hey, nothing doing here. Move along. Nothing else to see here,
Whacks of corruption? What does that even mean. In fact AFA has once again trotted out someone who makes no sense whatsoever. Accusing James Comey of corruption is beyond outrageous.

According to AFA Hamilton “formerly worked as an assistant district attorney in Texas and Louisiana.” They do not indicate which municipalities employed Hamilton. Hamilton does not have a profile on Martindale nor is he a member of the Mississippi bar where AFA is headquartered. Very credible AFA!

AFA is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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