Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine, crybabies and the utter stupidity of the Log Cabin set

Stop whining! My heart said Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren. My brain tells me that control of the Senate is far more important than who is Vice President. Massachusetts and New Jersey have Republican governors who would appoint  Republican replacements. Special elections ordinarily have terrible turnouts which favor Republicans. We have an opportunity to replace the late Justice Scalia with an actual human being. That might require control of the Senate.

Tim Kaine is a good guy. He was an extremely popular governor who speaks Spanish fluently and has an “F” rating by the NRA. He is also a very smart person (Harvard Law). He evolved on same-sex marriage and signed into law a bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in state employment. Kaine's counterpart, Mike Pence, is a dedicated bigot.

If you listen carefully to Trump he is not really trying to attract Bernie Sanders' supporters with effective public policy. Trump needs Bernie's folks to dislike Clinton and stay home in November. That's as good as a vote for Trump. It is up to them to play or get played. Play or get played?

Gregory Angelo, head of the Log Cabin Republicans, sent out a tweet praising, of all people, Newt Gingrich:

What Gingrich said was: “If our enemies had their way, gays, lesbians, and transgender citizens would be put to death, as they are today in the Islamic State and Iran.”

This is a familiar talking point from conservative Christians. We agree. The Muslim world is far more oppressive to LGBT people than the United States. So what? Gingrich has made a political career with anti-gay extremism. Regardless of what is happening in Iran, I want the Equality Act. Gingrich is presumably opposed.

Try this on for size:

“If our enemies had their way, women would be enslaved or subservient to men as they are today in the Islamic State and Iran respectively.” So what? That's far short of support for women's rights. Gingrich remains a bigot and Gregory Angelo is lacking in simple common sense.

Angelo has a problem with consistency or he has a spectacularly short memory:

“Moments ago, the Republican Party passed the most anti-LGBT Platform in the Party’s 162-year history.” “This week, the Republican party hosted the most pro-LGBT convention in its history.”

Those two statements are mutually exclusive. On Facebook, the Log Cabin Republicans gushed over Trump:
Because Trump mentioned us? If pressed he would say that protection means that he will keep LGBT people safer from terrorists. Trump has no idea whatsoever what “Equal Protection” means. Nor does he care. Keeping us safer is based upon unworkable and, in some cases, unconstitutional proposals that are likely to create more animosity towards the United States. Trump has said that he would nominate Supreme Court justices who would reverse Obergefell. That would be catastrophic to the gay community. Trump has also said that he supports North Carolina's HB2 which is a state-wide license to discriminate against LGBT citizens.

Angelo also said that Peter Thiel was the first openly gay person to address the RNC. That is false. Steven Fong did so in 1996; Rep. Jim Kolbe in 2000. 20 years post Fong and the GOP has only gotten more anti-LGBT.

The Log Cabin Republicans have been working to change the Republican Party since 1977. It is an entirely futile endeavor. Wouldn't it be easier to be a Blue Dog Democrat in an environment where people actually listen to you? Where people actually give a damn about what you think or say?

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