Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tony Perkins brags about the hate he injected into the GOP platform

Tony Perkins
I received an email from Tony Perkins this morning which leads me to a web page that did not work for me (I had to dump the content from the command line). ThinkProgress has an excellent summary of the crazy that is actually in the platform including an embrace of conversion therapy but this is Perkins' take. Log Cabin Republicans must be so proud:
The marriage plank was strengthened with language explaining why children deserve a mom and dad. Religious liberty text was added protecting businesses and military service members. I also took the opportunity to successfully introduce an amendment to address the events in Dallas and my home town of Baton Rouge stating that "the next president must cease sowing seeds of division and distrust between the police and the people they have sworn to serve and protect. The Republican Party, a party of law and order, must make clear in both words and actions that every human life matters."
The GOP platform actually says that President Obama caused the events in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Just how crazy is that? Moreover, isn't same-sex marriage a settled issue? The rest is the usual anti-transgender batshit:
We are also pleased that the party is now on record standing with the 23 states that are suing President Obama over his bathroom & locker room edict. These amendments were overwhelmingly adopted. There were a handful of LGBT activists and sympathizers who opposed language highlighting the privacy and safety concerns related to the president's locker room decrees as well as the party's clearly stated view that natural marriage is the cornerstone of society. Some in the media attempted to seize on this as evidence of a divided party. Far from it. My prediction is that Republicans will leave Cleveland with a solid platform and will unite around the party's nominee for the purpose of saving America for the next generation and beyond.
I wonder which Republican GOP activists he is referring to? Who are these people who are in denial? Perhaps they have now learned a lesson that the Republican Party continues to be hijacked by conservative Christian crackpots. 

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