Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tony Perkins drives home the point - LGBT citizens unwelcome in the GOP

In an email Wednesday Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council announced: “LGBT Activists Attempt to Hijack GOP Platform.” Right off the bat Perkins portrays delegates who are trying to keep the Republican party more moderate as “activists.” Not that there is anything wrong with that but Perkins uses the word in the pejorative. What the hell is he?
…delegates at the Republican platform committee had succeeded in crafting one of the most conservative GOP platforms in modern times. … a small group of delegates were engaged in an outright deceptive effort to derail the platform and potentially the convention. After repeated efforts to redefine marriage for the Republican party and interject special LGBT provisions in the platform, an effort was launched to create a Minority Report promoting items for an LGBT agenda…
The simple fact is that Perkins should be as unwelcome at the convention as his buddy David Duke. Tony Perkins is anti-gay and anti-Semitic and that cannot preclude him from being a delegate but it should have precluded him from being on the platform committee. And if the State of Louisiana insisted then he should have been relegated to an obscure role. But these are Republicans and they are anti-LGBT and they are anti-Semitic (yeah, I know—they are pro-Israel).
As soon as the proceedings concluded, the initiators of this effort announced to CNN that 37 delegates had signed on to a call for a Minority Report that would circumvent the process and put the platform onto the floor of next week’s convention and potentially derailing the GOP gathering. David Barton was one of the delegates that was misled into signing the resolution. He wrote a letter to delegates last night explaining what took place and urging others who may have been lied to, to remove their names from the resolution.
You just know that anything going through David Barton is bullshit, particularly when it comes to LGBT issues. Barton is an outright bigot. I find this all hard to believe. Did these people not read what they signed onto?
The use of such deception is not surprising, given the tactics of LGBT activists. Social media, fueled by anti-Christian organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been abuzz that I added language to the GOP platform that has embraced “reparative therapy” for homosexuals. Nothing provides a clearer example of both their dishonesty and their self-absorption. Here is the exact language that I added to the platform under the subsection of “Protecting Individual Conscience in Health Care:”
“We support the right of parents to determine the proper medical treatment and therapy for their minor children. We support the right of parents to consent to medical treatment for their minor children and urge enactment of legislation that would require parental consent to transport their daughters across state lines for abortion.”
In other words, Perkins supports conversion “therapy” for children. Who does he think he is fooling? And on top of the BS he has the chutzpah to call SPLC dishonest.
Despite the deceptive and desperate attempts by those who want to undermine the Republican Party’s longstanding support for the traditional family values which have made America the envy of the world, the GOP’s stand for these values is stronger than ever.
Perkins is right about one thing. The GOP has swung far right. As has been proven countless times, Republican money comes from business people who don't much care for this nonsense. Rather than struggling to make the GOP less socially conservative these folks are going to start to take their money to the Democrats and attempt to make them more fiscally conservative. Singer has a gay son. How much longer is he going to tolerate this bullshit?

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