Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trump promises to get rid of the Johnson Amendment

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has promised to “get rid of the Johnson Amendment” according to Janet Porter. The Johnson Amendment prohibits tax-exempt organizations from politicking. I know—Porter is insane—but this doesn't sound like something that even she could fabricate. Two issues:
  1. Trump cannot unilaterally get rid of any legislation. It would require the cooperation of both houses of Congress which, in this case, would probably require a 60 vote majority in the Senate. He seems to think that he can preside with imperial powers.
  2. This has been sound public policy for over 60 years. Abolishing the amendment would make contributions to candidates and ballot measures effectively tax deductible (using the charity as a conduit).
I'm sure that Donny Boy is just pandering to the easily misled. Is that a third issue? I suspect that he got this idea from those evangelicals he conned last week.

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