Saturday, August 27, 2016

All in the family as Cathy Ruse chimes in

Cathy Ruse
Cathy Ruse also works for an anti-gay hate group. In her case it is Family Research Council (hubby Austin Ruse is president of C-Fam — I wonder what they talk about at night). At FRC's blog Ms. Ruse writes:
My husband Austin Ruse writes in Crisis Magazine today about a new report just published in The New Atlantis—a meta-analysis of many dozens of studies on homosexuality and transgenderism. The results topple most claims made by the homosexual activist agenda.

The paper is being widely covered in Christian and conservative press, but has received nothing but mockery, sneering and name-calling in the liberal press, even though its authors are both highly-respected psychiatrists.
  1. What amounts to a blog post has not been subjected to peer review. Therefore, it is junk science per se unless proved otherwise. A meta-study that has not been peer reviewed is presumed to be the product of selective observation. Those who follow LGBT social and medical science closely have learned to expect Dr. McHugh to tailor findings to a preordained religious conclusion while appearing to be a secular scientist. The idea that this topples a mountain of peer reviewed research is preposterous!
  2. Once one writes about the Homosexual Activist Agenda© (which apparently has been personified to make claims), they open themselves up to considerable criticism. That person's intellect and intellectual honesty become questionable. One need not be gay to criticize the report. Nor must one be an activist to appreciate it as nonsense.
  3. What Ms. Ruse attributes to “mockery, sneering and name-calling” is really criticism of a report by McHugh who is known to prioritize his orthodox Catholic faith over science. In fact much of the criticism has been reserved for those people who have asserted that a post at a pretentious Catholic blog is authoritative.
  4. Lawrence Mayer is not a “highly-respected psychiatrist.” He is a biostatistician.
Later on:
One of the most important conclusions is that 80% of adolescents who are gender confused end up as normal adults in their 20s. This finding sounds the alarm against attempts to “transition” adolescents from one sex to another.
Austin said pretty much the same thing. As much as Ruse might wish to have science conform to the catechism and scripture, gender dysphoria is not gender confusion. The demagoguery is offensive to transgender people and it is the product of supreme ignorance usually coupled with some blather about “gender ideology.” Moreover, no one disputes the fact that a large percentage of children who present as gender non-conforming will not be so in adulthood. That doesn't sound an alarm. Children do not receive sex reassignment surgery. Clinicians, in consultation with the family and the child are extremely careful before prescribing either puberty blockers or hormones.

What parents really need to know is that they need to find experienced and specialized secular medical professionals for their children. At the risk of being repetitive, Ms. Ruse needs to view the PBS/Frontline production Growing Up Trans. She needs an education on this issue.
Their paper is academics at a very high level, yet LGBT activists and their friends have refused to engage in any meaningful way. Human Rights Campaign refers to the authors as “anti-trans all-stars,” and various blogs have even slandered the authors as religious bigots, though there is nothing remotely religious in their paper.
In point of fact, Austin acknowledged the fact that I engaged with respect to the findings. Cathy read his polemic. Rather than have a substantive debate he chose to dismiss my responses as too brief. “Academics at a very high level” means publishing research that has been subjected to the referees. That is not the case with this report. The fact that McHugh does not mention religion in his report is irrelevant to the fact that his ultra-conservative Catholic faith shapes everything that he does. He has not been an impartial observer.

I have been reliably informed that Cathy Ruse is a nice, intelligent woman. She even has (or had) gay friends. If that is the case then she has been making some terrible choices. About three years ago she was a speaker at NOM's pathetically pointless marriage march. About two years ago she chose to go to work for a notorious hate group. Now she put herself in play and made herself fair game in a controversy that she could have avoided. I choose not to ignore her misinformation.

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