Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bold hypocrisy by the Trump campaign

Donald Trump
The Trump campaign has decided to suggest that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes as secretary of state — that is what “pay to play” is after all. Trump accuses Sec. Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation as a “slush fund.” Of course, a couple of elements required of those charges are missing:
  1. There does not exist so much as a shred of evidence that Clinton did anything improper as secretary of state and;
  2. There does not exist so much as a shred of evidence that the Clintons have received so much as a dime from the Clinton Foundation.
It appears that Sec. Clinton provided access to large donors to the Clinton Foundation. Worst charge is that she extended herself to raise more money for AIDS and other Clinton Foundation initiatives. There was no personal benefit. Compare that to virtually every politician who provides access to big donors.

If we are looking for a “slush fund” we need look no further than the Trump campaign.

Trump is using donor money to pay inflated rents for space at Trump Tower. Just some July payments from the campaign:
  • $495,000 to Trump's aviation company
  • $169,758 to Trump Tower (rent)
  • $125,080 to Trump Restaurants, LLC
  • $  35,845 to Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida
  • $  29,715 to Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach
Trump Water, copies of Trump's book (from which he receives royalties), the list goes on and on. I am only surprised that they didn't take a few thousand ice-aged Trump Steaks out of the deep freeze with campaign volunteer training paid to Trump U. It looks to me like Trump is making a profit on the campaign. In spite of supposedly forgiving the debts I fully expect that he will repay his loans.

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