Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brian Brown is confused - again

Brian S. Brown
Brian Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage sent out an email last night titled: “BREAKING: A win in the Supreme Court.” Brown goes on to write:
News broke late today that the US Supreme Court has blocked a ruling of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals imposing a transgender bathroom policy by interpreting the term "sex" under Title IX of federal law to mean "gender identity."

This is a big victory and protects students in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland and comes as students will be heading back to school soon. The ruling is a blow to the Obama administration which has been working overtime to impose the gender ideology of LGBT extremists.
Apparently Brown does not realize that the Court did not make a ruling on the merits—or he is misleading supporters. This was merely a temporary stay allowing the Gloucester County School Board (which does not want to provide trans students with equal access) to file a petition for the case to be heard by the Court. Justice Breyer added a paragraph to the 5-3 decision stating “I vote to grant the application as a courtesy.”

If the Court decides not to hear the case then the stay terminates. If they do choose to hear the case it is likely another 4-4 split which would sustain the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals supporting the Obama administration's guidance on Title IX.

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