Saturday, August 6, 2016

Franklin Graham claims that we are trying to turn children gay

Franklin Graham
Just how fucking stupid is Franklin Graham? Perhaps the beneficiary of a celebrity-preacher father is just cynical. Can he really believe this crap? According to the “news” blog of the anti-LGBT hate group, American Family Association:
World evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham is calling upon millions of his supporters to fuel his war against the pro-LGBT transgender agenda being implemented in North Carolina public schools – one that promotes a new brand of so-called “gender-bender” morality.

Why would anyone—any marginally sane person—want to incite war with fellow citizens? Aside from the risk of inciting violence I thought that Graham was the representative of the Prince of Peace. Moreover, what on earth does he honestly think is happening in North Carolina's public schools? North Carolina of all places. AFA's Michael Haverluck continues:
Graham took to social media to incite Christians and concerned parents to be alarmed about the recent use of a “Gender Unicorn” inside classrooms across one of the Tar Heel State’s largest school districts. The friendly and disarming animated character is reportedly being used to indoctrinate children to accept transgender behavior and other forms of homosexual practices as being moral.
Just how fucking ignorant is Franklin Graham? Sexual orientation and sexual identity are two separate things. Neither are “behaviors” which suggests something that is optional. This idiot, with some help from AFA, needs to stop telling LGBT children that they are nasty little perverts. What is the point of doing so? Does he think that even one LGBT child will cease to be LGBT because of his denigration of their character? If there is evil here it is being perpetrated by Graham. If he did not have a famous father he would be putting chocolate on cherries. It gets worse:
Unicorn or Trojan Horse?

The son of the iconic world evangelist, Billy Graham, proceeded to warn parents of that the unicorn is really a Trojan Horse being used by public schools to turn their children toward embracing the homosexual lifestyle.

“Parents, watch out,” Graham continued. “They are using this unicorn to grab the imagination of children and make this seem acceptable.”
Graham is partially correct (depending upon facts on the ground). Schools around the country are educating children that they might have LGBT classmates or that a classmate might have two moms or two dads. Do these people really think that it has any effect on children's sexual orientation or gender identity? Apparently he thinks that he can get parents to believe this nonsense and he is probably right.
“Their new school policy, set to go into effect August 29, says staff shouldn’t use the terms ‘girls’ and ‘boys,’ but should use ‘scholars’ or ‘students,’” the president of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association informed. “It says that the school will work with students to determine when parents should be involved and that the staff can’t tell parents what their [child’s] gender identity is without the student’s permission.”

The younger Graham insisted that Christians and all moms and dads across America should stand together in disgust about what is going inside school gates, nothing that similar propaganda has been used in decades past.
Disgust? LGBT people, including children, are disgusting?
“Parents should be enraged and so should we,” the outspoken reverend expressed. “The Communists used brainwashing in Eastern Europe and Russia, and they took the parents out of the decision-making process and the state began to make decisions about morality. This is a dangerous path.”
What is this moron talking about? I guess that even in North Carolina there are educated educators who actually care about the wellbeing of all of their students. It's not just the gay or, possibly, transgender student who benefits. Eventually these kids are going to face the real world. Should they quit a good job when they find out that their manager is gay? What are they going to do when co-workers show up at company picnics with their same-sex husbands or wives and children?

All this because of slavish devotion to ancient chronicles that don't even make sense. Graham's indoctrination is far more sinister than anything that he describes. He wants to develop children incapable of critical thinking.

Apparently this all pays off. In total compensation from Samaritan's Purse Graham pulled down $630 thousand of which $146 thousand was non-taxable. From the Billy Graham organizations he pulled down another $250 thousand. That's a total of $880 thousand for the year and all of it from tax deducted contributions which means that we are all subsidizing this evil.

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