Friday, August 5, 2016

"Just Want Privacy" appears to have been a scam

The Producers
The Producers: Max Bialystock schemes with timid accountant Leo Bloom
I have not forgotten about Joseph Backholm's little enterprise. While he continues to ignore emails, eventually someone will get some answers. I am a retired CEO. I am an idiot about most things but I think that I have a good sense for white collar crime. It got me shot but I'll take my chances. Today I referred this matter to law enforcement.

At issue is a campaign initiative committee called Just Want Privacy with an address in Mill Creek, Washington. They were attempting to gather sufficient signatures to put an anti-transgender referendum on the ballot in November. They failed to obtain the required number of signatures. I am delighted that they failed.

The committee provided someone by the name of Ekott Omah with nearly $150,000 to gather signatures. Omah does not appear to have an organization and he lives about 1,100 miles away in Fullerton, California. According to his LinkedIn profile he is the CEO and founder of “BarwOrC Ent. & Beat Club Clothing” for which the Secretary of State of California has no record (I tried various combinations).

I suspect that Mr. Omah is a straw recipient with the money going elsewhere, possibly as self- enrichment. It is just common sense. If you need to canvas Washington you probably want to hire someone with a presence in Washington and a track record in canvassing. How and where did they come up with this guy?

About $115,000 remains unspent. Where did that money go? Is this some version of The Producers with the intention of failing? The last disbursements were made on June 30. After paying all of the bills they were sitting on $65,000. Why then did John and Angela Connelly donate an additional $50,000? Angela Connelly was one of the organizers of the campaign. Did she realize that she was providing surplus funds?

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