Monday, August 8, 2016

Liberty Counsel's crackpots will also be in North Carolina today

Mat Staver
Christians discriminating against gay people. So what else is new? This involves a legal challenge to North Carolina's SB2 which allows the state's magistrate judges to refuse to be involved in same-sex marriage transactions if the magistrate has a religious objection. Liberty Counsel represents Magistrate Brenda Bumgarner. She is one of the 31 of the state's 670 magistrates to invoke the law and she seeks to intervene in the case.

If U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn, who has scheduled a hearing for Monday, allows Bumgarner to intervene it would mean that she can defend the law with, and on behalf of, the state. The reason for doing so is that they do not trust AG Roy Cooper, a Democrat, to vigorously defend the law. The unstated reason is that this is a path for Staver, his merry band of crazy people and their collective personality disorder to be involved in the case. Good luck Judge Cogburn.

With Mississippi's law blocked by a federal court injunction, only North Carolina and Utah allow public officials to opt out for religious reasons. I doubt that they opt out because issuing a marriage license destines them to Hell. Rather, I think that they do so as a means of expressing their disapproval of gay people. Doing so on the public's dime, if not unconstitutional, sure seems indecent. Here's a bit of the bat from Liberty Counsel's press release:
"Magistrates have the constitutional right to follow their conscience without fear of punishment," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. "The suit against a law that provides accommodation to those with religious objections reveals the intolerant side of the LGBT agenda. This agenda seeks to steamroll over the conscience of everyone who believes in natural marriage. We believe the magistrates need a vigorous defense and the Attorney General has shown he is not willing to provide that defense," said Staver.

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