Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Make that Biblical Bob, MD

Bob Eschliman
Biblical Bob Eschliman not only has problems with gay people but with Hillary Clinton's physician. Biblical Bob writes: “By Her Own Admission, Hillary's Health Is an Issue.” Biblical Bob is bearing false witness again. Bob's first conclusions are based on an email seven years ago wherein Clinton told aide, Huma Abedin, that she was feeling crappy. On that day, May 4, 2009, in the daily presser a State Dept. spokesman said:
The Secretary, as I mentioned I think on Friday, suffers from mild allergies. Her schedule for today was going to be a light one. Her morning appointments are able to – we were able to reschedule them for tomorrow. She had a light – I don’t think any appointments in the afternoon. So she’s just recovering from the allergies, and she’ll be back tomorrow.
Well, Biblical Bob knows a thing or two about allergies and Clinton's “mild allergies” are, apparently a serious issue.
"Mild allergies" are generally not debilitating or incapacitating, unless there is another underlying medical condition. According to then-State Department spokesman Robert Wood and his exchange with the press, Clinton had been suffering from her "mild allergies" for several days.
Biblical Bob does not do hyperbole very well and his take is different from what the spokesman actually said. According to Clinton's physician she has seasonal pollen allergies.

Dr. Biblical Bob goes on to diagnose a stroke and point out all of the awful potential side effects of the medications that Secretary Clinton takes. I am inclined to believe her doctor who writes: “She is in excellent physical condition.”

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