Friday, August 19, 2016

NOM's summer membership drive vs. the cost of Brown

Brian S. Brown
According to Brian Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage, NOM has raised $24,219 in its summer membership drive. The goal is $52,500. The cost of Brian Brown over the summer is about $66,000. That is based on his salary for 2014 plus a conservative 15% for FICA, insurance, benefits and so on. NOM's email yesterday is the usual shameful blather about the (very dead) First Amendment Defense Act and the usual BS that they claim to affect.

Not included in that 15% is the cost of Brown living in the Philadelphia suburbs with NOM's office in DC. NOM created a NOMinal office in Philadelphia at the Catholic organization, International Institute for Culture so that is his commute. Therefore, Brown can lawfully charge NOM with expenses associated with traveling to Washington, DC, including food and lodging. The cost of Brown is likely to be considerably more than the $66,000 figure I used above.

In May it was announced that Brown was elected president of the anti-gay hate group, World Congress of Families. I wonder if he offset some compensation. Of course over the years NOM has come up with (and depended upon) large donations from the faithful though foundation grants so it is hard to figure out what they are doing.

I wonder if donors realize just how much of their money is going into Brown's pockets or towards Brown's expenses. It's not like NOM actually does anything other than raise money to stay around.

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