Thursday, August 4, 2016

Not sure if Frank Turek is worthy of dissection

Professional Christian victim, Frank Turek, has done a pretty good job of marginalizing himself. The former corporate motivational speaker lost key gigs when his anti-gay stridency became known. Since he blamed gay people for his corporate failings (after all he was just living out his faith) he became more anti-gay. Today Turek writes: “8 LGBT Contradictions That Blow a Gaping Hole in the Movement.” By now you are—I am certain—horrified with concern.
There are no differences between men and women.

Except when we demand the right to marry people of the same sex because people of the opposite sex are just too different than people of the same sex.
Throughout this piece Turek creates straw men. LGBT people have never asserted that there are no differences between men and women. Even if they did, that counterpoint would make no sense whatsoever.
You ought not judge me for what I do.

Except I can judge you for what you do. You're an ignorant, intolerant bigot for supporting your political goals rather than mine, and for refusing to celebrate my same sex wedding.
What I do in my bedroom is none of Turek's business and has no effect on Turek. In contrast, supporting anti-LGBT legislation does affect me. Moreover, no one gives a shit or two whether Turek “celebrates” anyone's same-sex wedding. His approval is neither required nor even relevant. He is likely referring to refusing to serve gay patrons in contravention of nondiscrimination laws. We do not get to pick which laws we will obey.
People should be tolerant!

Except me when I'm intolerant of you and your position.
No one is obliged to be tolerant of discrimination or other negative actions.
Discrimination is wrong!

Except when I discriminate against you. After all, I can refuse to bake a cake that's against same-sex marriage, but you can't refuse to bake one that's for it. I'll sue!
Even for Turek … Expecting people to comply with nondiscrimination laws is not a form of discrimination. That's just plain stupid. This theme is repeated; Nondiscrimination laws are discriminatory to Christians. Sure.
There is no gay agenda: Paypal Founder Peter Thiel said this at the Republican National Convention…

Except when we at Paypal care enough to cancel our business plans in Charlotte because, to us, it's absolutely a travesty of justice to keep men out of women's bathrooms and showers. Apparently, it's not a travesty of justice to Paypal when Islamic countries literally murder gays and transsexuals. It's business as usual for Paypal in those countries.
First off, Thiel sold his interest in PayPal nearly 15 years ago. HB2 nullified existing municipal nondiscrimination laws and those under consideration which means that North Carolina created a statewide license-to-discriminate against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. Paypal chose not to subject employees to that climate. PayPal is a US company. It has less concern for public policy in other countries. Yet we all appreciate Turek's concern for LGBT people around the world. Those Islamic countries are pretty much what Turek wants here—just with a different religion in control.
It's wrong to accommodate differences between men and women: We at the NBA pulled our All-Star game out of Charlotte because it's wrong to acknowledge and accommodate differences between men and women, especially by keeping them in separate restroom and shower facilities.

Except when we at the NBA acknowledge and accommodate the differences between men and women by keeping them in separate leagues, restrooms and shower facilities.
Preposterous. You cannot restate an opponents assertions and then argue that the restatement is wrong. In other words, you cannot pull arguments out of your ass. The NBA said that discrimination is wrong and they would not be a facilitator. North Carolina will not be rewarded for its state-sponsored discrimination.
We are "inclusive and diverse": We at the NBA made our decision according to "the long-standing core values of our league. These include not only diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect for others but also the willingness to listen and consider opposing points of view."

Except when it comes to "diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect" for the people of North Carolina who are being excluded because their diverse and opposing point of view is not respected by us at the NBA. You see, "Inclusion and diversity" to us and other liberals actually means exclusion for those that don't agree with our approved views. (Whoops, there goes "diversity.") But of course, you can see our point: It's completely unreasonable for North Carolinians to want to keep biological men out of women's shower facilities like we at the NBA do. After all, what could possibly go wrong? In order to rectify the situation, we at the NBA should move the game to New Orleans—a city with the exact same laws as Charlotte. That'll show everyone that we stand on principle!
This all goes back to the notion that Christians are discriminated against when they are denied the right to discriminate against LGBT people. To suggest that North Carolina's HB2 is a law intended to respect and foster diversity is simply absurd. North Carolina has marginalized its LGBT minorities including children. And they have done so in order to accommodate one religion.
Why the contradictions? Truth is not the principle that the LGBTQ movement and their allies stand on. Truth is what corresponds to reality, and if anything obviously corresponds to reality it is that men and women are different. Humanity would not exist without those differences. They are not mere preferences; they are built into the very biological nature of the sexes.
Except that Turek has tortured reason, logic and intellectual honesty to manufacture contradictions that do not really exist. After doing so, to claim that LGBT people are unprincipled is a ludicrous, … contradiction.

This thing goes on and on with the outrages of our persecution of those poor Christians. You would think that they are a minority group. Finally, Turek runs out of steam:
Regardless of your political party, it's time to stand up to the bullies with truth. If you don't, those with increasing power will use it someday to shut you up on something you care about. Then the ultimate contradiction will be complete—your right to free speech, religion and association guaranteed by our Constitution will not be guaranteed for you anymore either.
This guy has prevaricated throughout this polemic and then asks people to stand for truth. It is laughable. Constitutional rights are just that. They are guaranteed by our Constitution. They do not require Turek and his ilk to have the license to discriminate against LGBT people because of their slavish devotion to ancient chronicles. That pesky Establishment Clause means exactly what it says.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …

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