Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pope-a-dope: Kids can choose their gender

Pope Francis
The leaders of the Catholic Church get in serious trouble when they stray from theology or the catechism. Once again the pope asserts non-existence expertise in social and medical sciences with his wacky statements on “gender ideology” which seems to be one of his obsessions. Francis has now said:
Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their gender.
That is false. In fact it is important to understand that gender is not a choice. No one chooses, for example, to be transgender. Is the pope deliberately confusing the issue or is he confused? I have no clue but it is one of the two.

USA Today reports:
Without specifying, he blamed this on textbooks supplied by “persons and institutions who donate money.” The pope blamed what he called “ideological colonizing” backed by “very influential countries” which he didn’t identify.
This is circular reasoning (along with some conspiracy theorizing). It is as if the pope is saying that transgender kids only exist because of what is being taught in public schools about children who are transgender who are only transgender because of what is being taught in public schools. Take away the understanding of transgender people and transgender people will cease to exist.

I suspect that the pope is not frequently called upon by intimates to defend his views. It shows.

As I type I see that National Organization for Marriage has weighed in on this. Nevertheless, the pope is just wrong or he is intentionally misleading the faithful. It is unnecessary to choose which it is. It is sufficient for us to understand that religious fundamentalism is the enemy of critical thinking.

Unfortunately there are a fair number of people who believe that the pope is the inerrant choice of God to lead the Church. They are willing to believe every idiotic thing that comes out of his mouth no matter how farcical. They are impenetrable in that no amount of evidence will convince them to employ independent thought.

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