Monday, August 1, 2016

The Family Leader finds a cause in Iowa's transgender prison nurse controversy

The dimwitted Chuck Hurley is the number two at Iowa's Family Leader (second to Bob Vander Plaats). Mr. Hurley embraces the idea that the plight of a transgender man, a prison nurse, somehow validates the need to repeal the state's nondiscrimination ordinance.

Jesse Vroegh has worked for the Iowa Department of Corrections as a nurse since 2009. The 34 year-old has been required to use a private restroom that does not have a shower and he is challenging why the state's insurance program does not cover breast reduction surgery. He has filed a complaint with the state's civil rights division.

Hurley explains:
The Iowa Legislature, when it was controlled exclusively by a Democrat Senate, Democrat House, and Democrat governor, passed a sexual orientation/gender identity amendment to the Iowa Civil Rights Code. So this person now has the strength of Iowa law on their side, and it's going to really be hard to stop them in court.
That is the very purpose of nondiscrimination laws. Charlie Butts at American Family Association's news blog adds:
Now that the law's damage is evident, the key is for the legislature to act to reverse it. But that will not happen unless Christians actively utilize the Christian virtues of joy, patience, and kindness so that God might bring people to repentance.
That is incorrect. The law's virtue is evident. Furthermore, God is not a duly elected legislator. Butts is also openly advocating that the legislature act in contravention to the Establishment Clause (nothing new with that). Hurley goes into self-righteous overdrive:
One of my favorite phrases is “we shouldn't be nicer than Jesus.” Jesus stood up to evil; He didn't capitulate to it. And so it is high time for the Church to stand up. Fight in the power of the Holy Spirit; fight with love for our enemies. But for crying out loud, fight and stop cowering and stepping back and appeasing evil.
So having gender dysphoria is “evil?” Is that the claim? Or is the nondiscrimination law evil? Shall we entertain a lecture (or sermon), based upon ancient scrolls, that Hurley's god created men and women …? Evil is evident in discrimination. When that discrimination is based on those ancient chronicles then evil is coupled with willful ignorance. By the way I expect that this controversy will be settled before it gets to court.

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