Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump, Rubio, a hate-group and "homosexual totalitarians"

Mr. Trump and my junior senator are to be guests of David Lane today. They will have the opportunity to address about 700 evangelical leaders at an event in Orlando. Lane's endeavors are funded by American Family Association, an anti-gay hate group.

David Lane is the founder of the American Renewal Project. Mr. Lane is a Dominion theologian. He believes that America should be governed by Christians in accordance with Christian law. In other words, Lane is a theocrat, an idea that is remarkably un-American. To further his goal, Lane created the Issachar Campaign Training project. Issachar trains Christian pastors to run for public office. Mr. Lane is one of the reasons that we need to vote every year.

Did I mention that Mr. Lane is utterly anti-gay?

Trump is expected to woo Christians with his continuing promise to upend the Johnson Amendment which prevents charities from engaging in political activity. Were Trump successful it would turn every Church into a PAC fueled by tax deductible dollars (donations to political campaigns are currently not tax deductible). According to Lane:
That's a good first step. But what about the religious liberty of Christian photographers, Christian bakers, Christian retreat centers, and pastors who believe same-sex intercourse and marriage is sin? These Christians were simply living out their deeply held convictions of their Christian faith when they politely refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding. Doesn't the First Amendment give us all a right to our beliefs?

Homosexual totalitarianism is out of the closet, the militants are trying to herd Christians here.
As for Rubio, this is nothing new. In 2013 Rubio keynoted an event held by a local group to give an award to hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. This is Florida which means that Marco will probably get reelected. Marco has much more ambition than intellect.

Trump is nearing irrelevance. If things go as expected his public persona has an expiration date about three months from now. Rubio, on the other hand, wants to be President of the United States. His campaign starts three months from now. It's up to us to hold him accountable for pandering to a hate fest.

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