Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yet another fired teacher v. Catholic school (updated)

In New Jersey a terminated lesbian is suing her employer, Paramus Catholic High School, for employment discrimination. Catholic schools do not have a pass on nondiscrimination laws. The only exemption is for “ministers.” Kate Drumgoole was Dean of Guidance and head coach of the basketball team.

The attorney for the school claims in court papers that Drumgoole was not terminated for being gay. Oh no. She was terminated for entering into a same-sex marriage. That will fly. Sure.

This article is a snippet based on available information. Updates will come as they are available.

Update: Tuesday,  Superior Court Judge Lisa Perez Friscia has denied a motion by Paramus Catholic High School to dismiss the suit. By the way, Drumgoole's lawyer, Lawrence Kleiner has refused to provide copies of the briefs. My concern here is that, as primarily a personal injury lawyer, he is out of his depth.

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