Friday, September 2, 2016

An interesting non-disclosure disclosure from the Trump campaign

Trump volunteers must sign a 2,300 word non-disclosure agreement (provided below and available here). It is instructive in several ways. Most people are basically screwed if Trump were to sue them. Trump is extremely litigious, possessed of questionable sanity and willing to spend whatever it takes in legal fees to win, even if it results in an economic net loss. His lawyers use legal fees, motions and paper as weapons. Litigation becomes a game of chicken. Who is willing to spend the most to win?

Moreover, if he wins Trump will take your home, your savings, your business. Do not expect any compassion. Trump is a sociopath.

The first thing that we learn from the agreement is just how disorganized the Trump campaign is. This is obviously the agreement that Trump uses in his business. Employees and contractors are required to sign this thing. No one took the time to properly conform the boilerplate to the campaign, let alone tailored to volunteers. No one seems to care and it is obvious that no one is paying attention to the details. It is probably the reason that most of Trump's ventures outside of the inherited real estate business have failed.

Next we learn just how profoundly paranoid Trump is.
No Disparagement. During the term of your service and at all times thereafter you hereby promise and agree not to demean or disparage publicly the Company, Mr. Trump, any Trump Company, any Family Member, or any Family Member Company or any asset any of the foregoing own, or product or service any of the foregoing offer, in each case by or in any of the Restricted Means and Contexts and to prevent your employees from doing so.
That is a lifetime prohibition on criticizing anyone and anything that is in any was associated with any member of the Trump family. Would that hold up in court? Probably not but do you have enough money to spend on legal fees?

This is how Trump does business. He can fuck people over (does he ever) and not receive due criticism. “This agreement will survive the expiration, cancellation or termination of any employment or independent contractor relationship that you may have with the Company or with any individual, entity, partnership, trust or organization that the Company has engaged.”

This is a window into Trump world. It is clever. It might even be good business (although it would drive away the best people). From my perspective, depending upon the economy and job market, one might have to be pretty desperate to agree to these terms and conditions. On the other hand, Trump knows that most people won't read these things.

Would Trump attempt to get presidential staff and advisers to sign something like this? Probably and it applies to:
… any member of Mr. Trump’s family, including, but not limited to, Mr. Trump’s spouse, each of Mr. Trump’s children and grandchildren and their respective spouses, including but not limited to Donald J. Trump Jr., Eric F. Trump and Ivanka M. Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Barron Trump, and their respective spouses, children and grandchildren, if any, and Mr. Trump’s siblings and their respective spouses and children, if any.
h/t @WaltHickey

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