Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clueless Bob Eschliman and the Clinton Foundation

Bob Eschliman
Biblical Bob Eschliman is at it again with the Clinton Foundation. He is painfully misinformed and misinforming. The latest attempt to advance Donald Trump's candidacy (be careful what you wish for, Bob) is: “Clinton Foundation CEO Admits to Pay-for-Play:
During an interview Wednesday with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Clinton Foundation CEO Donna Shalala, who served as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton, was asked to defend the foundation from claims it engaged in "pay-for-play" corruption.

Rather than deny that it happened, however, she confirmed it was going on—suggesting that it wasn't improper at all.
No, she did not. Not by a long shot. That is called bearing false witness.

First the “play” part. People request access to government officials through the offices of ex-presidents. There is a reason that some American citizens gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Bush Library. As Donna Shalala pointed out in the interview, when she was HHS secretary, she would frequently honor the requests of Republican congressmen to meet with people. It is a routine professional courtesy (a courtesy that I have received) and that's not “play.”

“Play” occurs when you actually do something in return for compensation that you would otherwise not do. There does not exist so much as a shred of evidence that Hillary Clinton ever did anything improper as Secretary of State. Biblical Bob leaves that part out.

The “pay” part is pretty straightforward. The Clintons have not taken a dime out of the foundation which has put tens of millions of dollars to work to feed poor people along with AIDS treatment and prevention around the world. Unless Biblical Bob can find something in the tax filings there is no “pay.”

A good example of pay for play …

… is making a sizable campaign contribution out of your foundation (in violation of the law), attempting to obfuscate it by claiming it went to an organization with a similar name and then, days later, Pam Bondi decides not to investigate Trump University. That is pay-for-play.

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