Thursday, September 1, 2016

Could someone please explain this fucking wall to me?

Donald Trump
So Trump is still promising to build this massive wall along the Mexican border. Trump is vowing to build a 30 foot high wall along a nearly 2,000 mile border, apparently with sufficient underground extensions to prevent tunneling. This would be a massive undertaking requiring years to build. Something tells me that Trump Wall Builders, Inc. is in the back of his mind.

I am guessing that Trump has some tariff scheme in mind to supposedly make Mexico pay for this thing. But Trump is simplistic in his appeal to an incurious constituency. Higher tariffs as a form of extortion. That's something to be proud of. Someone needs to explain to Trump that the Constitution gives Congress  power over the imposition of tariffs and the regulation of international trade. Higher tariffs also mean greater expense for American consumers and businesses which could negatively affect the economy. It's just not that simple. Trump hasn't the first clue what he is talking about and Mexico is not going to pay for his fucking wall.

But all that aside I wish that Mr. Trump would share with us just how many people would be deterred from entry. Most undocumented workers entered this country legally and simply overstayed their visas. Does Trump want to eliminate Mexican tourist trade too? Along with Muslims are we going to refuse entry to Mexicans? What other countries doesn't Trump like?

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