Monday, September 26, 2016

Crackpottery on the move - Fr. Jacobse -> Peter LaBarbera -> AFA

Rasputin - the mad monk
On Friday I wrote about a profoundly confused priest, Father Johannes Jacobse. Jacobse read something in one of the APA handbooks, reportedly written by Dr. Lisa Diamond at University of Utah. It drew the conclusion that most people who identify as gay have some heterosexual attractions as well. The opposite probably applies to heterosexuals.

Somehow Jacobse took that to mean that born-that-way is a myth and that people can change their sexual orientation. I haven't a clue how he got from Diamond to that. There is a more complete set of quotes on Friday's piece.

By the time this crap got to Peter LaBarbera at Americans for Truth About Homosexuality it was apparently a study which he shared with Charlie Butts (who else?) at American Family Association's “news” site. Charlie's headline reads “Another study skewers born-that-way belief.” Butts goes on the explain:
The latest controversial findings come from Dr. Lisa Diamond, a lesbian activist and researcher with the American Psychological Association. Her study of human sexuality refutes the born-that-way argument that homosexual activists have claimed as a defense for their behavior.
Peter LaBarbera, who exposes homosexual activism through his Americans for Truth organization, says the two studies have damaged the born-that-way argument to the point that scientists will return to studying causation of sexual orientation.
Except that there is no study by Lisa Diamond (which is why there are no quotes or a link) and Peter LaBarbera wouldn't understand it if it actually existed. “Dr.” LaBarbera opines:
"And here's where they get into trouble," he predicts, "because the causation a lot of times is bad circumstances in childhood of the homosexual."
Aside from fracturing the English language, “there is no there there” (Gertrude Stein).

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