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Hate group leader Tim Wildmon blatantly lies about North Carolina

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association, claims that Charlotte violated North Carolina's constitution when it enacted LGBT protections in public accommodations. In a post at titled “When a culture rebels against God” Wildmon writes:
The legal problem with that move was that the state constitution of North Carolina requires all “public accommodation” laws to be handled at the state level. In other words, what Charlotte did was not within their authority, so the governor and the state legislature responded by passing HB 2 on March 23, which “mandates people use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex in public buildings, places, and schools.” Simply put, everything was fine – Charlotte enacted a law they had no authority to enact, and the state of North Carolina put everything back like it was.
There are a couple of problems with that argument. First of all, it doesn't seem to be in the North Carolina Constitution. Secondly, were that in the Constitution then no legislation would have been necessary. A state judge would have immediately issued an injunction enjoining Charlotte from enforcing the ordinance. Does Wildmon get this from his spokes-bigot, Bryan Fischer?

Moreover, the state did not “put everything back like it was.” In the process of preempting Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinances, the legislature effectively nullified nondiscrimination protections that existed in other locales as well as the University of North Carolina system which is comprised of 16 public universities.

It is House Bill 2 — the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act — that now prohibits subdivisions from creating LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances. But Wildmon continues:
For this simple common sense law, the state of North Carolina has become the whipping boy for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender political machine and their many powerful supporters in big business, academia, the liberal media, and the entertainment industry. No single group of people holds more power in America today than the LGBT lobby, despite the fact that they represent a relatively small number of people. It is estimated that 2% of Americans are lesbian or gay and 0.3% are transgendered, i.e., a person who is a male but says he is a female or vice versa.
I have no idea where he is getting that 2% from. The actual number is believed to be about 4% to 5%. In the last two presidential elections, exit polls identified 4% of the voters as gay. More importantly, whatever power we have doesn't seem to be enough to get the Equality Act passed. Whatever power we have stems from basic American fairness — something that Wildmon attributes to political correctness as if there is something inherently wrong in treating people with dignity and respect. The idiocy continues:
Even the National Collegiate Athletic Association punished North Carolina by taking away sporting events scheduled for the Tar Heel state. NCAA leadership is made up of university presidents. So, very smart people who have reached the highest levels of academia sat around in a room somewhere and decided that because North Carolina wants to keep men out of bathrooms reserved for women and young girls, the state must be punished. And this law applied only to bathrooms, showers, etc. that were state property.
Exactly when and where have transgender women been a threat to “women and young girls?” They will use the restroom consistent with their gender identity as they have been for decades. Charlotte's ordinance was primarily designed to protect transgender children in the city's public schools. Aside from the Obama administration's view that Title IX applies to transgender people, Title IX also prohibits sexual stereotyping. In Ashton Whitaker v. Kenosha Unified School District, the federal judge notes:
Even if, therefore, this court (or the Seventh Circuit) ultimately were to find against the plaintiffs on the question of whether transgender discrimination constituted discrimination based on sex under Title IX, the plaintiffs still could prevail on a claim that the defendants’ treatment of Ash Whitaker constituted prohibited sex stereotyping under Title IX.
What the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference did (I'm saving some time by combining the two) was to take a stand against discrimination which could affect their players and staff. Whether we are 1% or 20% of the population is irrelevant. LGBT Americans expect — demand — equal protection and to be free of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.
What is going on is a country in rebellion against God Almighty. This is about putting the final touches on the sexual revolution. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is unnatural, immoral, and unhealthy. Everyone knows that a man who thinks he is a woman has a mental disorder, not to mention a spiritual one.
Wildmon's book is supposed to be irrelevant to public policy. Sadly that is not the case in North Carolina. Moreover, the professionals, the people who really do know something about gender dysphoria, know that transgender people are not “suffering from a mental disorder.”  “Everyone knows” that Tim Wildmon is a self-righteous ignorant fuckwit.
Bruce Jenner will always be a man even if he wears a dress and heels the rest of his life. Yet, his confusion is lauded by the media and popular culture as brave and heroic. What’s really going on here is demonic. It’s a culture shaking its collective fist at God and shouting: “Don’t tell us how to live! We will not listen to your rules!”
It is Caitlyn Jenner and she is a transgender woman. In polite society we address people as they choose to be addressed. She is not confused and I doubt that she gives two shits about what Wildmon and his ilk think of her. Wildmon's American Family Association is a certified anti-LGBT hate group.

LifeSiteNews is another topic. LSN continues to be a repeater for hate groups. In addition to Wildmon they frequently quote Brian Camenker, numerous people from Family Research Council and even Peter LaBarbera. If they are going to be a re-transmitter of hate then Southern Poverty Law Center should conclude that LSN is a hate group.

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