Monday, September 26, 2016

I cannot decide whether the Log Cabin set are naive or just stupid

Gregory T. Angelo
NBC News has an interesting story on why candidates are appealing for LGBT votes when we constitute about 5% of the population. Therein, Gregory T. Angelo proves to be another one of Trump's useful idiots:
Gregory T. Angelo, President of the Log Cabin Republicans, a pro-LGBTQ Republican group, confirmed there is "not a concerted effort to reach out to the LGBT community" by the GOP. "Why the Republican Party website includes links for women Republicans, Latino Republicans, African American Republicans, young Republicans, college Republicans, and why there is a glaring omission of gay Republicans, I have never gotten an answer on that from the RNC," he said.
Okay, that is a fair analysis of Republican reluctance to appeal to gay people. But then:
However, Angelo contrasts the Party's reluctance to reach out to the LGBTQ community with Trump's efforts. Angelo insisted he has "most definitely" seen LGBTQ outreach from Donald Trump. For Angelo, it marks a "sea change from where we were 4 years ago."
You fucking moron. Reaching out is more than just asking for our votes which I concede Trump has done.  Trump has reached out to Evangelical Christians with a promise to champion repeal of the Johnson Amendment and a guarantee to nominate right wing judges like Scalia to the Supreme Court. A self-absorbed tweet after the Pulse Nightclub massacre is not reaching out.

What exactly has Trump claimed he would do for the LGBT community? Keep us safe? Please. Those same judges that he promised the Evangelicals are hostile to our interests. Trump said that he wants to roll back marriage equality. He has also offered full support for North Carolina's HB2. What other promises did he make to the pastors that we don't know about and how many are injurious to our community? What promises, exactly has he made to the LGBT community? I cannot think of one. I have looked at Log Cabin's website. They aren't there either.  And by, the way, If Trump wanted the GOP website to include a link to organizing LGBT Republicans, the link would be there. Does Trump even have an LGBT organizer on the payroll?

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