Tuesday, September 20, 2016

National Organization for ... For what exactly?

National Organization for Marriage
Brian Brown and National Organization for marriage are on an anti-transgender tear — with all the required bullshit and embellishments. In an email to supporters they plead: “Help us Fight President Obama In Court.” Court? Are they supplanting ADF or Liberty Counsel? Brown writes:
As you know, President Obama is intent on remaking the fundamental nature of America, and now that he only has a few months left in his presidency, he's on a frenzied pace to advance his agenda. Having succeeded in redefining marriage in the law, he now wants to redefine humanity itself, changing us from being made male and female into beings whose gender is flexible and fluid, something that people have the power to adjust to suit their feelings. He's targeting children in public school with this approach.
No, I don't know. Marriage was not redefined and, the last time I checked, President Obama is not a justice of the Supreme Court. Geez — you'd think that there were two shower knobs labeled “male” and “female” and that people adjust them to suit themselves. That's just not how gender nonconformity works. That is not what gender dysphoria is.

Brown's problem is that he is an ultra-conservative Catholic and he has a pope is obsessed with what he now calls “gender ideology.” Of course the pope doesn't really know anything about gender because he is a theologian and catechist who should really stick to religion instead of medical and social science. But Brian Brown believes that The Big Eunuch is infallible. He continues:
This is an extremely dangerous ideology that has the potential of unleashing untold physical and psychological horror on the most vulnerable of our citizens, especially for confused children.
Uh, no. Catholicism is an ideology. Used to the extreme it is dangerous. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. Research demonstrates that trans kids are neither confused nor pretending. Brian Brown, on the other hand is remarkably confused. And what the fuck does this have to do with marriage?
Some of our best medical and psychological experts strongly warn against pursuing the gender ideology being advanced by President Obama and his LGBT extremist allies. The American College of Pediatricians said several weeks ago that gender ideology harms children. They say that conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is child abuse.
None of our “best medical and psychological experts” are affiliated with the American College of Pediatricians which is just a minuscule anti-LGBT hate group. The real professional organization is the American Academy of Pediatrics. The real experts know that there is no medical intervention for gender nonconforming children and that the best approach is to support their gender identity. Children are not candidates for sex reassignment surgery and shame on Brian Brown for suggesting otherwise. Puberty blockers and hormones are used with extraordinary care and with the fully informed consent of the kid and his or her parents. To call the standard of care “child abuse” makes me want to punch Brown in the nose. Parents read this crap. Later on:
We have some of the nation's top legal experts in the country working on our briefs, and they believe we have an excellent chance of prevailing. You see, President Obama is simply making up a rationale to justify his extreme position on gender. Without any legal authority, Obama says that when Congress wrote anti-sex discrimination laws decades ago, they surely meant to include “gender identity” in the definition of sex. Of course, that is preposterous.
Brown is talking about an amicus brief. Presumably these are the same “experts” who were so stunningly effective in Obergefell v. Hodges. Brown is mischaracterizing the administration's position. So what else is new? And what the fuck does any of this have to do with marriage? The rest of Brown's diatribe is pretty much “gimme, gimme, gimme.” Brown has nine kids, I think. With each successive male there is an increased probability that he will be gay (the male sibling effect). With nine kids how would he cope if one turned out to be gay or gender nonconforming. Then we will learn something about child abuse. What a putz.

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