Friday, September 23, 2016

Needless Persecution of Christians

Ron Crews
Ron Crews, head of Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty, doesn't like transgender service in the military. He is particularly upset at the prospect of the Department of Defense paying for sex reassignment surgery if doctor recommended:
This will be the first time in our history when military medical dollars will be used to make military personnel unqualified to fight the nation's wars. I think this is a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars that they will be using to promote this radical agenda.
Why the surgery would render qualified personnel unqualified to fight is inexplicable. With respect to the economics, just how many of these people does Crews think are serving in the military? Fat generals at the Pentagon probably waste more money on lunch every day. Were I looking for wasted taxpayer dollars in the military this wouldn't make it to my large list of probable sources. Furthermore, surgery doesn't “promote” anything other than better health. Crews leaves what he calls a “radical agenda” undefined. We are fortunate that Mr. Crews is not a DoD policy maker. Crews is not a terribly smart man. He is about to confirm that fact:
That means that medical personnel who may have religious concerns – and even medically have concerns about the value [of] sex-change operations or drug therapies or even the dangers associated – they will not be able to express those views.
Who the hell asked them? Where are the transgender people who give two shits about the biblical view of gender dysphoria? No one with a reasonably functional cerebral cortex wants medical treatment altered by theology. Most people don't want their health care professionals to conform therapies to 3,000 year old texts of dubious provenance.

This idea of Christians being censored is just another way for conservative Christians to claim that they are being persecuted. Why can't these people simply mind their own business? What was that about a “radical agenda?”

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