Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Newt as Trump's LGBT surrogate

Newt Gingrich gave a far reaching interview to the Orlando Sentinel Tuesday. Gingrich defended Trump's statements after the Pulse nightclub shootings and  Trump's positions on LGBT issues.

Newt Gingrich is one of the last people who should be speaking for Trump on LGBT issues. In 1996 Gingrich fired the starting gun for a surge in the culture wars when he marshaled the forces necessary to pass the Defense of Marriage Act. It was antithetical to Republican states' rights ideology and it was preventing federal recognition of something that did not yet exist. Years later, Gingrich's attitude towards gay people had not mellowed. After California's Proposition 8 passed in 2008 Gingrich said of the protesters that there is “a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us.” The thrice-married, twice-divorced adulterer has now found religion as a zealous Catholic convert.

In the interview Gingrich said Trump has reached out to the LBGT community by saying that his administration's stance against terrorism would keep the community safe. I guess that a tweet is reaching out and presumably that safety was predicated on the idiotic Muslim ban that he was promoting at the time.

When questioned about Trump's selection of Mike Pence, the Sentinel pointed out that Pence attracted the displeasure of the LGBT community when he signed Indiana's RFRA. According to Gingrich, Pence “tried to deal with a very complicated issue. He wanted to preserve religious liberty and, at the same, time allow [religious] people to live their lives without being subject to discrimination.”

That would be true if we define discrimination as prohibiting people from refusing service to people they disapprove of all cloaked in religious freedom. Pence is a die-hard Christian fundamentalist who puts his religion ahead of his constitutional responsibilities. Gingrich is full of crap

Then Gingrich said:
The LGBT community has to talk to itself. [They made] enormous gains since the 1960s, but they've moved from a position of tolerance to a position of intolerance.
Gingrich means that we are intolerant of conservative Christians. If demanding freedom from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations is a form of intolerance then guilty as charged. I think that Gingrich told us to politely go fuck ourselves.

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