Thursday, September 22, 2016

NOM's turn

Brian S. Brown has forwarded his own message. I guess that repetition sells:
I want to remind you about two critical events happening over the next couple of days to support the pro-family movement in Mexico, which is generating unprecedented support for marriage and the truth of gender, and putting up incredible resistance to the Mexican government’s attempts to redefine marriage and gender much like President Obama has pushed to do here in the US.
That “truth of gender” BS reflects the pope's obsession with “gender theory” or “gender ideology.” Brown then simply reverses the order of the same two items that were in his WCF email.
  1. Please sign our petition in support of the National March for the Family to be held this Saturday September 24th in Mexico City. This march has the potential of being the largest single demonstration of support for marriage and family in history.
  2. If you are in the Washington, DC area, or can contact friends or family who are, please promote and attend a protest rally tomorrow, Friday September 23rd, at noon at the Mexican embassy in DC. Similar rallies are being held at Mexican embassies in countries around the world.
If Brown and the Vatican are as successful in Mexico has they have been here we will be celebrating universal marriage equality in Mexico in the near future. I am increasingly inclined to think that WCF and NOM are going to merge in some fashion.

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