Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Now Moore and Staver want to change Alabama law

Mat Staver and Roy Moore
According to Mat Staver — on behalf of his client Roy Moore — Alabama law should be changed so that judges charged with misconduct should not be immediately suspended. Charges of malfeasance are brought against judges by the Judicial Inquiry Commission which provides both transparency and process so that an accused judge can make his case before charges are brought and suspension is effected. Moore has been suspended since April. It is Liberty Counsel that has caused delays to the proceeding.
In light of the baseless charges filed against Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore by the JIC regarding his administrative order issued in January 2016, Alabama's Republican Party's executive committee asks that the state legislature enact a law to abolish the rule that judges are automatically suspended when charges are filed by the JIC. The resolution also calls for the election of all nine of the JIC members.
“Baseless?” I do not think so. Moore goes on trial on September 28. Staver claims that the charges are “politically motivated.” Please.
“The current situation allows the JIC too much power and the ability to punish judges without due process,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Chief Justice Roy Moore should have never been suspended from his bench from these baseless charges.”
Yeah I know. Moore is just a peach of a guy who is misunderstood. Moore didn't really tell the state's probate judges to disobey first a federal district court and then the Supreme Court. That was a mass delusion caused by the mystical powers of gay people. What is Staver going to say when Moore is convicted, which seems inevitable? Why he'll blame SPLC.

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