Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rhode Island Catholic Church terminates gay music director for marrying

Michael Templeton
Michael Templeton
They really need to put a stop to this. This obsession with gays marrying is unhealthy for all. The generally accepted exception to employment nondiscrimination laws is ministry. A music director is not a minister. Nevertheless, on Monday, Michael Templeton was fired from is job that he held successfully for five years at Church of St. Mary in Providence where he was the music director.

It's the usual story. Everyone knew that Michael is gay and he never hid his partner. I hope is that he finds a good attorney because he has been treated unfairly.
"What I can tell you about the conversation, is that from what I've read, is it's consistent with the other situations I'm aware of around the country -- that they say because of the public nature of your ministry, and the inconsistency of your life choices, that we are requiring your resignation," Templeton told on Tuesday.

"My heart breaks because this brings to light what 'safe' means to people. I feel this action represented more than me in my role. It represents people who have been marginalized and thought of as 'less than' for a whole host of reasons," said Templeton. "I came to St. Mary's for what it is and who they welcome, whether they come from reformed lives of addiction, or come from divorce and are remarried, whatever the reason. I want to be clear -- I did not resign, I was relieved of my duties."
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