Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sister Jennifer Roback Morse and the gays

Jennifer Roback Morse
Wednesday in a bizarre email to supporters (without an apparent purpose) Jennifer Roback Morse posits “LGBT Movement may be crazy, but it won’t self-destruct.” The economist and Catholic extremist goes on to write:
The LGBT Movement will not self-destruct. Their ideology is incoherent and inhuman. They are trying to create laws to support impossible, untrue ideas: that sterile sex can be the norm for all of society, biological relationships between parents and children don’t matter, and men and women are completely interchangeable as parents and as sex partners.

But just because these ideas are untrue doesn't mean people aren't deadly serious about implementing them.

More importantly, the LGBT Movement, which is just one part of the Sexual Revolution, can do a lot of damage, trying to do the impossible.
On the contrary, the concept of equal protection seems quite coherent. Suggesting that the goals for equality of a sexual minority are “inhuman” only demonstrates the depth of disrespect that conservative Catholics have for the members of that minority.

If by sterile sex Morse means sex that is not procreative then she needs a tether to reality. The overwhelming majority of sex — heterosexual and homosexual — is of the recreational variety. Just because the Church embraces the backwards precept that people should not use contraceptives doesn't mean that the overwhelming majority of people take that bit of superstition seriously. A group of (supposedly) celibate men claiming authority over everyone else's sexuality doesn't seem to be working out very well. That authority is most recognized in backwards third world nations and that is telling.

This interchangeability of parts that Morse refers to is nothing more than the regurgitation of Church anti-gay talking points. Simply because some eunuch at the Vatican arrives at a conclusion based on ancient chronicles doesn't make it true. We know, and the science confirms, that a minority of the population are homosexual. And yes, oh my god, they have sex with people of the same sex. Science also tells us that when they raise children these gay people do at least as good a job as their straight counterparts.

Morse's diatribe is illustrative of what conservative Catholics think. So the next time that some treatise from the bishops includes language to the effect that “same-sex attracted people” are deserving of dignity and respect, know it for what it is. Bullshit.

And who is Morse to lecture anyone? Morse is an economist. She is not a social scientist. She is not even a theologian. Get thee to a nunnery.

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