Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Steven Anderson's "Hate Me Tour" continues

Steven Anderson
The frothing, LGBT hating pastor, Steven Anderson, is in the process of being deported from Botswana. The solution to people like Anderson is a good fungicide.

Anderson is a foul-mouthed, intellectually challenged, narcissistic religious leader — a “deplorable.” Steven Anderson is enabled by deplorable people who finance the activities of a foul-mouthed, intellectually challenged narcissist. Apparently Anderson says what they want to hear and what they want their children to hear. That doesn't say much for them.

Over the centuries that same crowd has cheered as people have been tortured and murdered in the service of someone's god. People have been burned, racked, hung, iron maidened, thumb screwed, decapitated, de-limbed and boiled in oil to the delight of the same crowd for the “glory” of their god. If only they did more evil to more people their god would be sated by the suffering.

Recently, Anderson was denied entry to South Africa and the United Kingdom due to his abject homophobia. I suspect that he delights in all of the negative attention. That is part of his personality disorder. His supporters cheer him on. That is their critical thinking failure.

Like Peter LaBarbera and other unhinged and profoundly unbalanced homophobes, Anderson does us a service. He, and they, inform us and society about LGBT hate. They provide part of the foundation for nondiscrimination laws and other restraints on their animus.

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