Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tony Perkins' attempt to score cheap political points backfires

Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins is both a bigoted hate group leader and a Republican operative. The two roles are quite interdependent, even reciprocal. At an LGBT fundraiser Secretary Clinton referred to half of Donald Trump's supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” We can argue over the mathematics — perhaps it is 60% — but it is a statement of fact.

A fair number of Trump supporters are white nationalists and others beyond the fringes of civility. In the context of an LGBT event, the majority of Trump supporters do not support the fair and equal treatment of LGBT Americans. You will not find Trump supporters advancing the Equality Act. LGBT American citizens might fairly describe many of these people as “deplorable.” I find the Trump campaign's CEO, Stephen Bannon, deplorable.

As a hate group leader, head of Family Research Council, Perkins is provoked and galled by the fact that our probable next president embraces the LGBT community — the “enemy.” As a Republican operative Perkins sees an opportunity so last night FRC released a statement which attributes to Perkins:
Hillary's use of the phrase 'deplorable' is as revealing as it is insulting. Hillary Clinton's foundation has received donations from countries all over the world that imprison and even execute those they deem 'deplorable.' Christians and other Americans who refuse to embrace the Obama/Clinton vision of America should be very concerned and should ask what Hillary Clinton has planned for those she deems 'deplorable?'
“Hillary” is it? Then there is the idea that Secretary Clinton is evil because a foundation that she helped to found takes money from repressive regimes and puts it to good work. One wonders how many members of the Ku Klux Klan have donated to Family Research Council or, for that matter, to the Trump campaign. Does FRC receive any money from, say, Uganda? Then, of course, Perkins' constituency (mostly white ultra-conservative Christians) are told to be afraid. For people like Perkins, paranoia is currency.
Clinton's view of her fellow Americans shouldn't be a surprise. The policies of Obama/Clinton are rooted in their shared contempt for the traditional values of tens of millions of Americans. In the last eight years, this administration has increasingly tried to marginalize those who do not surrender to a progressive agenda.
The contempt Perkins is referring to is perhaps best described as not holding LGBT citizens in contempt. “Marginalize?” Mr. Perkins business is marginalizing LGBT American citizens. Without doing so, FRC might cease to exist. Perkins is livid over the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. At the same time feigned outrage over state and municipal laws that prohibit discrimination has probably been an effective fund raising lever. Perkins has contempt for the democratic process. Those nondiscrimination laws that he does not like have all been passed by the elected representatives of the people and signed into law by an official elected by the people.

I suspect that come November Secretary Clinton will become President Elect Clinton. Perkins has shown nothing but contempt for the tens of millions of American citizens who voted for President Obama — twice. That disdain for our citizenry is likely to continue through a Clinton presidency. President Obama's approval ratings have increased since he stopped giving a crap what people like Perkins think. Perkins is a hate group leader; a bigot. Mr. Obama is President of the United States.
Clinton's comments provide yet another contrast between her and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has treated Democratic voters, like those who supported Bernie Sanders, with respect by inviting them to join him in restoring Americans' freedoms, where Clinton has shown utter contempt.
This deserves: “Are you fucking kidding me?” Trump has been disrespectful to Latino Americans. Trump has been disrespectful to African-Americans. Trump has been disrespectful to LGBT Americans. Trump has been disrespectful to disabled Americans. It is this demonstrated disdain that attracts the white nationalists. There are no freedoms that require restoration. It is no surprise that Perkins is not specific in that regard. Perkins lobbies for conservative Christians to have a special right to discriminate in defiance of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution. On the whole, American citizens disagree with Perkins and his hateful agenda.

Ultimately, Perkins should be no closer to polite society than his buddy, David Duke. One of these days sanity will be restored to the Republican Party and it will rebuke bigots like Perkins who have contempt for most of our citizenry.

On another note that is not worthy of a separate post. I wanted to disclose that about ten days ago I had a one hour discussion with one of the authors of that controversial study of sexuality that was published to a conservative Christian outlet. We agreed in advance that the discussion would be off the record. He subsequently wanted to do an on the record interview. I declined because the potential benefits were far outweighed by the consequences of bringing more attention to shoddy research.

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