Monday, October 3, 2016

Alabama Baptist spokesman claims Roy Moore ousted to silence Christians

Joe Godfrey
Joe Godfrey, public policy spokesman for Alabama Southern Baptists criticized the suspension of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore for defying federal court orders on same-sex marriage, calling it part of a larger effort to silence Christian voices in the public square.

So let me see if I have this right. Roy Moore defied the Supreme Court of the United States as well as over 200 years of jurisprudence to frustrate the constitutional rights of gay citizens and the Court of the Judiciary ruled that Moore’s order violated Canons of Judicial Ethics requiring that judges be impartial and observe high standards of conduct for which he was ousted from the bench and that ouster has something to do with the speech of Christians? Seriously?

Godfrey who is head of the organization that was originally the temperance union in 1937, said Moore “represents a lot more people than just himself” in his views on marriage and sexuality. Were that not the case in Alabama I suppose that Obergefell would not have been necessary in the first place. What part of the Establishment Clause does this nut not get?

According to Godfrey, the Alabama Citizens Action Program was a party in one of the lawsuits that Moore cited in his order advising probate judges that Alabama’s prohibition on same-sex marriage remained intact despite the ruling in Obergefell v, Hodges. No, it did not. A state court cannot interfere with the constitutional rights of citizens. Long in theology — short on civics. It would be no different than a court in New York declaring that Christianity no longer deserved Free Exercise protections.

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