Tuesday, October 4, 2016

By now you would think that Mat Staver would be accustomed to losing cases

Mat Staver and Roy Moore
Mat Staver looks like a deer in headlights while Roy Moore
(at the podium) looks thoroughly confused.
Hate group leader Mat Staver seems to be utterly stunned that he lost the case on behalf of his client former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Today's missive from Staver's Liberty Counsel is titled “Alabama COJ Suspends Sexting Judge Six Months but Chief Justice Moore for Life.” The intended inference is that Moore got a raw deal. My reaction is that the sexting judge got off light while Moore got about what he deserved.

I cannot think of a case that Staver has won. He should be thoroughly inoculated against the despair of a legal loss.

According to Staver:
Tallapoosa County Probate Judge Leon Archer was suspended in August for six months without pay after the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) filed a judicial ethics complaint against him related to exchanging sexually explicit messages with a woman who was a former litigant in his court. The same Court of the Judiciary (COJ) that suspended Chief Justice Moore for life, suspended the sexting judge for only six months.
How does one pronounce Tallapoosa?
Archer, who became a probate judge in January 2013, issues marriage licenses and performs marriages. Judge Archer developed a relationship with a woman whom he met in his capacity as a probate judge when she came in for a marriage license with her husband. According to the complaint, the marriage was soon annulled. Archer began sending the woman sexually explicit messages on Facebook for three weeks, including nude photos of his genitals. Most of Archer's communications took place during work hours at the county courthouse. The 64-page complaint includes printed messages between Archer and the woman, including "What happened to us hooking up?" and other pornographic statements. 
They've got some fucked up judges in Alabama. Archer is 68 by the way. I doubt that anyone wants to view his genitalia. Archer is not even an attorney (he has a two-year degree from Central Alabama Community College in Childersburg). He is probably held to a lower standard than the state's chief justice. When Moore issued that controversial administrative order telling probate judges not to license same-sex marriages he knew that he was doing something wrong. He tried to cover it up with some confusing and conflicting language but wasn't clever enough to obfuscate his religious duplicity.

Moore and Staver are both super-Christians. Presumably they know the difference between right and wrong. No matter one's personal opinion it is decidedly wrong to infringe on the constitutional rights of citizens. Now Moore is suffering the consequences — apparently along with Mat Staver.

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