Monday, October 17, 2016

Futility in Paris as thousands march in protest of marriage equality

La Manif Pour Tous - October 2016
Image credit: Reuters
On Sunday roughly 24,000 Parisians had nothing better to do than to protest marriage equality which has been the law in France for over three years. The objective of their endeavors is to pressure right wing presidential challengers to promise to repeal the law if elected. Presidential primaries in France will be held in November.

Reuters reports that the protesters marched through prosperous western sections of Paris, waving French flags and the “Demo for All” [La Manif pour tous] movement's blue and pink colors. Some held signs declaring “All together for the family” and “In 2017, I'll vote for the family.”

Noticeably absent is any explanation of precisely why same-sex marriage (which has popular approval) should be repealed. What has happened over the past three years to merit this criticism? They do not have to explain why because the Catholic Church says that it is bad. The Church disapproves of gay people and that is good enough for them. This demonstration is about imposing the theology that they like.

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